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Hoping to make it through (borrowing spoons)

Today is finally here. For almost a year we’ve been looking forward to today, Mr. Mango and I. A couple of close friends just got back from their destination wedding and now are having a service and reception here to make it officially legal as well as to celebrate with those of us who were…… Continue reading Hoping to make it through (borrowing spoons)

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February 23rd – 26th

PP: Head (right side mostly), neck, right shoulder, elbows, wrists, right knee, feet, IBS, dry irritated eyes, mouth sores, tender sore abdomen, most severe vasculitis yet. DPR: For the last few days the swelling in my circulatory system has been wreaking havoc on me mentally. It’s not like the usual muscle spasms or cramps or…… Continue reading February 23rd – 26th

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I know it’s going to be a bad day when…

When I have to brave the frozen outdoors in my crocs and house coat to grab the extra milk from the garage fridge. When the coffee machine didn’t turn on and I have to wait for that much needed first taste of java. When from the second he gets up Little Dude is spewing over…… Continue reading I know it’s going to be a bad day when…

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It’s getting on my nerves

Literally. What ever “it” is. Happy to report that the over all stiffness and achy-ness ┬áis still doing much better than before. A minor hindrance and annoyance compared to the debilitating pain and lack of mobility that I was experiencing during the worst of the last flare up. Of course though I can’t just enjoy…… Continue reading It’s getting on my nerves

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Kinesiology taping for migraine relief

DISCLAIMER -I want to start off by saying by no means am I a medical professional. With the help of my physiotherapist, the internet and trial and error I have been experimenting with different non medical treatments for various symptom relief. In no way am I claiming my ways work for everyone and I still…… Continue reading Kinesiology taping for migraine relief

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February 17th-22nd

PP: Migraine, right shoulder, upper back, elbow, both wrists, both feet, general vasculitis, numbness in extremities, IBS, right abdominal pain and tenderness. DPR: This past week has mostly revolved around figuring out how to handle a full blown migraine with no extra meds, while energy levels have been better, it’s hard to do anything even…… Continue reading February 17th-22nd