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Saturday Morning Migraine

Ugh, AS IF! While the fatigue and whole body pain and stiffness still is slowly improving, my migraines and tension headaches are causing a lot more issues than usual. Now taking a new set of medication for the lupus I can’t fall back on my usual migraine medications for relief.

It is also Saturday, which means EVERYONE is home and EVERYONE is making noise. Not exactly the right atmosphere to sit in the dark listening to Dan Gibson’s “Angels Embrace” album (which by the way is my go to relaxation when all else fails CD) and wait for the worst of it to subside or at least for my body to ‘get used’ to it enough to function.

The worst part is I have to get up and out today, I need to get my eye’s tested because one of the new meds could cause blindness and they have to check for deposits. A migraine isn’t going to stop me today, it needs to be done for me to continue on the treatment path. That being said, heading to a busy department store optic center is probably right at the bottom of what I would want to be doing today….

Time to experiment with the alternative pain relief again. I have had a lot of success with my SI and back issues with Kinesiology tape, so in a bit (after watching the links from physio over and over) Mr. Mango is going to attempt to use it for my traps and neck muscles to see if that tension relief is at least somewhat helpful. I generally prefer my therapist to apply a new design at least once before we try it ourselves but the office is closed today so we’re all on our own.

Will definitely have to post an update on whether it works or not *fingers crossed.*

Anyone have any success using a therapy tape to treat migraines? Or any other muscle/joint pain?


6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Migraine

    1. Thank you! So far so good actually, I am surprised at how quickly the burning neck and shoulder feeling has been relieved (though it might be wishful thinking, but I’ll take it either way). I am the same usually though instead of peas I use a ziplock bag with a sponge full of dawn dish soap that has been frozen. Not quite as cold and it forms to the shape of my noggin… I hope you have a wonderful day! xoxo

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  1. I sometimes rub a magnesium lotion (by Ancient Minerals) into my sore muscles when I have a migraine. It doesn’t make the migraine go away, but the muscles relax and aren’t as painful. I’ve posted about my use of magnesium on my site if you want to read more.

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  2. I just realized that the magnesium post isn’t set to be there until next weekend. It will be about what I have found regarding how magnesium helps with my migraines. Until then, please know that Ancient Minerals magnesium lotion (on Amazon) helps with the muscle pain/tension related to my migraines. It is kind of expensive, but it lasts a very long time. I have other posts up on what I am doing with my diet.

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