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May 16th to 31st

PP: Both hands, both knees, SI joint/hip,  right neck/shoulder, right elbow, IBS, heavy lungs, tender right abdomen, kidney problems, insomnia, general anxiety. DPR: I know it looks like a lot still hurts, and it does, but even if I’m still having daily pains and trouble, even if the stress lately is enough to kill and…… Continue reading May 16th to 31st

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The clouds roll in and a shitstorm brews

    This right here sums up exactly how I’m feeling at the moment. The whole avoid stress during this time of change and anticipation didn’t work out so well. If anything the stress has increased since we got our ‘good’ news and have been able to move on to the planning and DOING stage.…… Continue reading The clouds roll in and a shitstorm brews

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Don’t get too excited now.

Is what I’m telling myself. The anticipation has been killing us. Mr. mango and I. We have been very busy with paper work, accounting and meetings with the bank the last couple weeks and the wait is finally over. Well kind of. Anticipation is stressful. Especially for a control freak like myself. Having to wait…… Continue reading Don’t get too excited now.

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The long weekend I waited a long time for

It has been a rough start to the year. Even when my random assortment of disease, disorders and mish-mosh of symptoms haven’t been at their ‘worst’, all of them collectively have kept me pretty down and out. Not only has it been a difficult few months adjusting to life with more and more physical pain,…… Continue reading The long weekend I waited a long time for

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Too tired to talk

I’ve been a little MIA lately and am totally fessing up. Not just here on the blog-sphere, but pretty much any avenue of not-in-person communication. My phone has backed up messages from my parents, my facebook is full of tags, notifications and chat invites and my email inbox is stuffed full of crap I don’t…… Continue reading Too tired to talk

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Kinesiology Tape for Finger and Wrist Pain

I have mentioned before that kinesiology tape is one of my go-to’s to try and alleviate break through pain (like here when I used it for migraine relief) and yesterday was an attempt at a new but at the same time old taping method. The pain in my right hand has been slowly getting worse over the last…… Continue reading Kinesiology Tape for Finger and Wrist Pain