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Too tired to talk

I’ve been a little MIA lately and am totally fessing up.

Not just here on the blog-sphere, but pretty much any avenue of not-in-person communication. My phone has backed up messages from my parents, my facebook is full of tags, notifications and chat invites and my email inbox is stuffed full of crap I don’t feel like sifting through.


Because I’m exhausted.

It’s not the same as the mind numbing fatigue that goes along with a flare, its legitimate busy days, stress and yea of course handling the day to day pain on top of everything.

One thing you learn living in a place where the seasons change so drastically is to take advantage of the all too short summer season. To think, last May long weekend we spent without power or water in the midst of a snow storm, huddled around a propane stove to keep warm. This year we’ve spent as much of it as possible in the great outdoors soaking up the sunshine (well not me…. I have SPF 100 now…. but that’s a story for another time) and getting a shit load of work done.

On top of it all we made the most ridiculous decision last night to camp out in our friends back yard. The idea itself would be wonderful if it wasn’t for a leaky air mattress and Little Dude waking up at 4 am causing us to head back home for coffee and to keep him away from the rest of the group still happily stuck in dream land. We knew better, it’s not the first time a night away from home hasn’t gone as planned.

In the end though compared to the worst of the pain I’ve dealt with recently, it’s not the worst morning. It’s time for coffee on mass and to prepare for another busy day. I’ll catch up on everything else going on in the world at another time.

Hope EVERYONE is having an amazing weekend! xoxo


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