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May 9th to 15th

PP: Right hand, wrist, elbow and fingers, both shoulders/shoulder blades, base of head, both knees (right much worse), right SI, IBS-C, tension headache, tinnitus, dry, irritated, blurry eyes, chest difficulties (feels similar but different to asthma), random skin rash breakouts, depression, upper body vasculitis, abdominal cramping.

DPR: It seems the sinus infection is finally wearing away (slowly UGH) but I am left with some pretty ridiculous chest heaviness. It could still be the lingering sickness, or allergies but usually my spring time allergies are the classic runny itchy nose, itchy top of mouth, hives and just general irritation (all of which a little benadryl takes care of). I’ve really come to realise that what seem like completely unrelated symptoms still seem to get worse at the same time, like the dry eye/dry mouth condition (what the doctor has diagnosed as Sjogren’s syndrome) and the more intense and swollen joint pain both increase and decrease at the same time. Where as the vascular and nerve pain seem to go hand in hand with more headaches and migraines. Of course when they all appear at the same time its just a friggin pain smorgasbord of symptoms and pain. It wasn’t even ‘that’ busy of a week. Mostly just crap weather which means stiffer joints, no getting into the garden and more-rangy-than-usual kidlets. Yesterday I might have over done it resulting in a more pissed off than usual SI joint, lots of standing, moving, climbing in and out and general awkwardness….. but hopefully all for a beneficial reason. More on that to come when we get confirmation or not, don’t want to spoil the surprise or even get too excited before it’s a guarantee. I will be taping up my right hand in a short while to see if it helps get through some of today’s house hold tasks and stop the shooting pains that are running from my finger joints right down into my elbow.


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