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A little laugh goes a long way

I mean that literally on days like today. A bit of humor is a momentary distraction from the pain. Too much and well it causes a REAL laugh and that means my body moves, my head moves and the searing migraine pain gets temporarily even worse. On days like today Mr. Mango generally starts up our usual…… Continue reading A little laugh goes a long way

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Please forgive me… I’m new here.

This here is probably where I should have started. “Hi, I’m Billy. I suffer from chronic illnesses. I’m new to this kind of blogging world and it may take some time to get the hang of it all.” While that may sound more like I’m introducing myself at an AA meeting I do think it needs…… Continue reading Please forgive me… I’m new here.

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It really is sinking in…

This morning as I peeled my eyelids apart and lifted up my head to acknowledge  Mr. Mango leaving for work he, like every other morning asked how I was feeling. Just like the last few mornings since this flare up started my answer was not good, in fact I was feeling horrible and I was honest about…… Continue reading It really is sinking in…