Seeing red…. so finding some green.


A couple more trips to the doctor due to uncontrolled bleeding and we’re REALLY off to a swell start to April aren’t we? This month already has so many negative things bogging down the really important special moments I really don’t have time or energy to waste on whether my body decides to crap out or not… I’m off all NSAIDs FOR GOOD (with a lot of warnings for if any other doctor tells me its OK). An upper GI scope showed mucho damage and the results were sent off to my Gut Guy, though I’m still sure he’ll use the words idiopathic and fibromyalgia in the same senescence for the cause again. My labs are all over the place, inflammation is up (duh) and my nutrients are down (another duh) but still protocol is waiting to check in with the Rhumy before taking any real next steps. Opiates, laxitives, ppi’s and liquid nutrition when needed (as in: when real food wont go down or comes back up) until further notice.


While I was busy not figuring out anything new, my green little babies were busy busting out with life! I’m usually there to tend to them as they grow… but I have to say, I kind of like the chaos. My frail photosensitive skin may not handle the sun well, but these suckers love it and can’t wait to find their new home outside in our garden in a few weeks. I can’t wait either.



So more green/brown… but hey it’s some progress from strictly white barren wasteland across all the eye can see. On my better days we’ve been able to get out for short hobbles around town and oh I can’t tell you how good that’s been for the soul. Rubber boots are needed and we’re still a good while away from not needing to bundle up but signs that spring has sprung are all around now.


Even when it’s still chillier out a soak in the tub with some tunes cranked is just what the doctor (ok physiotherapist) ordered.

The greenery I wasn’t quite expecting to come across yet was the oh so controversial kind. Ya know the one that some people stand by as a miracle drug that cures all while others accuse it of being the gateway substance into life long addiction and death. I’m talking about cannabis, marijuana, weed, THC, ganja…. Its something I haven’t brought up much on my blog because of how intense the difference of opinions are and not to mention the legality of it is depending where you are. Its also something I’ve never felt comfortable bringing up with my doctor (since natural medicine is something he’s scoffed at in the past and he’s seemed much more comfortable shoving narcotics down my throat) UNTIL I see a big new poster for CanniMed Oil (a cannabis based oral ingestion product) up in his wall office yesterday at my check up.

Green game changer. While that particular product doesn’t exactly look like something I’d be after… knowing that my doctor might actually lean towards prescribing medical marijuana products now or in the future is some pretty radical new information. It at least might give me another option other than “which constipation and gastroparesis causing opiate do I want to try next to numb my pain and fuck my gut?” and who doesn’t like more options?

Now it’s time to blast some Al Green and get this day really started. I have two days to pull together Little Dude’s 4th birthday celebration and then Easter weekends festivities right around the corner.


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