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Too much of a good thing…is still too much.

There are a lot of bad things in my life that I feel I have far too much of. Pain, anxiety, cranky kids, dishes to wash, time with my mother…. There’s no shortage of things that I could use less of (or none of for that matter) and those are the things that are too…… Continue reading Too much of a good thing…is still too much.

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Burgers ‘n’ Boobs (a Mr. and Ms. Mango tradition)

It’s not often Mr. Mango and I get more than a couple hours away from the children. Even rarer still is us having child free time with no big social plans (a wedding, birthday party, work related get-togethers etc). Our nearby extended family and friend circle is small and they themselves are young and busy so…… Continue reading Burgers ‘n’ Boobs (a Mr. and Ms. Mango tradition)

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Don’t step on the crack!

Due to the past few days my body deciding to completely gang up on me the kids have been going stir crazy being stuck in on property. Even when my body isn’t handling life well, a short walk usually does me some good. Whether because moving helps my joints not stiffen up and my digestive…… Continue reading Don’t step on the crack!

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Life’s a garden. DIG IT!

In the hustle and bustle of everything else going on this summer, I’ve quite neglected my little garden here at home. As for the field out at our friends…. its a lost cause after the neighboring field spread its crap canola and then sprayed the heck out of it with all sorts of chemicals growth…… Continue reading Life’s a garden. DIG IT!