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Some much overdue blog renovations.

I’m pretty guilty of hanging around the reader section of the site pretty exclusively. It lets me read everything in a row, pop in and out, comment, hit like, got to my own crap when I need to and of course search and sift through new reading material when I have time and energy. Then…… Continue reading Some much overdue blog renovations.

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Food is love

You’d think that as someone that’s pretty much been banished to the bland and boring end of the kitchen unless I want major repercussions, I’d really be avoiding the subject all together, wouldn’t you. Hell, it’s even what was going through my head as I had discussed with the gastroenterologist about the fact that eating…… Continue reading Food is love

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At a loss for words… but not that one.

  Lets fucking hope not. After much deliberation as to which anticonvulsant I’d be trying for the neuropathic type pain going on I settled on Topamax. Not because it’s list of side effects are any shorter or sweeter than other options but because of the lesser occurrences of  anxiety related ones (we all remember how the…… Continue reading At a loss for words… but not that one.

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How to keep the ‘medicine ball’ in my court.

Saying “it’s complicated” is an understatement when discussing new or changing treatment plans of any chronic condition. It’s not plain and simple like when you’re a kid with an ear infection and your parents take you to the doctor, the doctor gives you a prescription for antibiotics and then your parents spoon feed you banana flavored…… Continue reading How to keep the ‘medicine ball’ in my court.


Birthday gifts for the chronically ill.

I remember being a kid and hating getting stuff I needed wrapped in pretty packaging, trying to be passed off as a birthday or Christmas surprise. A bike helmet Santa? This is the 90’s, us kids don’t have time for helmets. Thanks Grandma… more socks. I then remember growing up (vaguely….lets face it, the old…… Continue reading Birthday gifts for the chronically ill.

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It’s Mercury Time!

Ready Freddie? No I don’t mean I busted a thermometer or that I give two loads of crap about some sort of retrograding shenanigans. It’s time to celebrate the greatest being that has ever walked the earth, sang a tune, or lived like there was no tomorrow. That’s right. The late, great, Freddie Mercury. There…… Continue reading It’s Mercury Time!