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Some much overdue blog renovations.

I’m pretty guilty of hanging around the reader section of the site pretty exclusively. It lets me read everything in a row, pop in and out, comment, hit like, got to my own crap when I need to and of course search and sift through new reading material when I have time and energy. Then this one day I realized I wasn’t on the reader… I was on my blog…

Not that I want the damn thing to sparkle and zip and be noticed from the space station, but damn is it kind of plane Jane for someone with bright fuchsia hair, ya know? I think I’ll be sticking around the WordPress world for a while yet, so might as well make my space a little more me. Now how to accomplish that, I’m still a little fuzzy.

I’ve never learnt a bit of website production or even basic online publication skills in school (I’m that old…it really wasn’t very important back then) and  all I know about blogging came from a 5 minute ‘how to start your own personal blog’ video on YouTube before “Gain Through The Pain” had it’s first post. It maybe has been a few months now, but I’m still an absolute newbie, it’s all still fresh.

I’ve already started to play around with a different theme that has a little more colour and texture, but still not too artsy, I’m not going to pretend I have any photography talent or artistic flare. I will be updating my about me page since, well, a bit has changed on the health side in the last few months, maybe even a good ol’ chart of the current diagnosis and tests might be a good idea for my own sake of keeping track (plus an updated photo… yee-gawd what is that thing). On top of that an attempt at a static front page seems like a nice idea, I always like happening upon them on other peoples sites before hitting the more journal like blog page… and that’s going to take some work. At the end I might finally be inclined to add the social media aspect that my sidebar has been saying is “coming soon” for quite some time, but who knows… I’ve never been a tweeter twatter before, do you folks really want to witness that?

Honestly I don’t really know what the point of this post is other than to say YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. This may be a construction zone for a short while as I sort things out and learn as I go. Of course, I’d greatly appreciate if you let me know when I mess something up and don’t realize it!



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