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Double digits…wow a decade.

What a blur the last few days have been. My brain and my body somehow managed to hold it together so that we really could do it up right and get it all done… or well almost,  just in the nick of time. Yesterday we celebrated Buddy’s 10th birthday. Now Buddy’s a pretty particular boy.…… Continue reading Double digits…wow a decade.

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While everyone else was busy complaining…

Yesterday it finally happened here. It’s been a long time coming (ok well… like a Month) and we’ve been living in a strange twilight world without it. People putting up their holiday decorations with greenish/brown grass splotched yards, carols being played in the stores while everyone is running around in jeans and a T-shirt, Canadian…… Continue reading While everyone else was busy complaining…

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Don’t step on the crack!

Due to the past few days my body deciding to completely gang up on me the kids have been going stir crazy being stuck in on property. Even when my body isn’t handling life well, a short walk usually does me some good. Whether because moving helps my joints not stiffen up and my digestive…… Continue reading Don’t step on the crack!

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Amendment to the previous ‘how to’

In my last post here I went through a few of my best tips on how to manage getting out and being active while you’re stuck in pain or discomfort. The post didn’t go in to great or specific detail, it was just an overview of very general things to do to make being mobile, leaving home…… Continue reading Amendment to the previous ‘how to’

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How to be active while in pain

I want to start by saying I am not a medical professional or sports therapist. I’m someone who has suffered from a variety of chronic conditions that cause pain and discomfort for years. I’ve found what works for me, I’ve learnt a lot of tricks along the way and happy to say I’ve been lucky…… Continue reading How to be active while in pain

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I’m still the best… apparently

I have been ridden with guilt the last few months. As a mom of 3 young kids full of zest and energy, I’m kind of falling behind. Not that I don’t have a heart full of love and at least the ability to keep them as safe from harm as possible, properly fed and in…… Continue reading I’m still the best… apparently

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Too tired to function, too awake to sleep

Pretty much sums it up. Between the gut problems being worse than ever and whatever nerve issue is causing my arms to burn and be numb at the same time, the idea of a restful full night’s sleep is a fairy tale. For the same reasons along with the lack of sleep, days are spent…… Continue reading Too tired to function, too awake to sleep