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Quick Smile!…Memories and crap…

I sometimes wonder if 10 years from now I’ll be looking back at all the photos, clippings, movie passes, artwork etc. from this point in time and think “wow we had so much fun, what a happy young family we are” or if I’ll remember how fucking rotten it’s been underneath all the smiles and…… Continue reading Quick Smile!…Memories and crap…


My doctors are using the F word now So I’m sitting here with a glass of  Petite Sirah, listening to some Zakk Wylde (it’s generally something I do when the world has turned to shit and I need to chill the fuck out….). If  you have gandered at my ramblings before, you’ll notice I don’t have a problem letting the F-bomb slip. Hell……… Continue reading My doctors are using the F word now

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AND….Still no answers…

I got home last night after a ridiculously long and tasking day, wrote a tittle in the edit page, drank two bottles of Blackfly Long Island Iced Teas and proceeded crawl into bed and cry myself to sleep. I was in no position to be putting feeling into thought, thought into word and definitely word…… Continue reading AND….Still no answers…

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Let’s talk… Mental Health

I’m aware I’m a day late and no it’s no accident. I watched while my personal social media news feed flooded with company sponsored memes and hashtaged posts (is that how you say it? I know I said months ago I’d learn how to do the twitter thing) written by my friends and acquaintance, most of…… Continue reading Let’s talk… Mental Health

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The hits just keep coming… but we’re not keeping count.

I don’t know if we’re all sick again or we’re still sick…the point is WE ARE ALL SICK. Just when I thought the flu had made it’s second round through the house and the last of us was on the mend, Little Dude went right back to what seems like the worst of a flu/…… Continue reading The hits just keep coming… but we’re not keeping count.