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Strength Endurance Flexibility

The three cornerstones of a well rounded fitness regimen. The triangle of awesome, that I used to aim for when looking forward at the “be the best me I could be” or finding a new kick ass program to follow. Now it’s more like trying my best to maintain what of the 3 I have…… Continue reading Strength Endurance Flexibility

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Back to the physio basics

Back last year in early spring I injured my back. Or at least that’s what all the doctors thought. The real problem with getting help was nothing had happened. I didn’t slip and fall, I didn’t pull something during a workout, I didn’t bend over wrong while gardening (this was the one most professionals assumed)…… Continue reading Back to the physio basics

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‘Coming out’ of the chronic illness closet

I’ve been all over the place emotionally over the last few days since having a new diagnosis aka a name to give to the collection of symptoms I’ve been experiencing. It doesn’t really make it any better, or worse, or really anything different. But doesn’t it? Giving something a name makes it ‘real’. For invisible…… Continue reading ‘Coming out’ of the chronic illness closet

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The Other Stigma of Exercise and Illness

This is one of the things that I see and hear about a lot and one that even internally I have struggled with personally over the last year or so as my symptoms have worsened (and multiplied). “Ya know, if you had spent more time exercising and concentrating on healthy living, you wouldn’t be sick…… Continue reading The Other Stigma of Exercise and Illness