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Dysfunctional not disabled

I can’t speak for the opinions of society as a whole, but I can give MY opinion on what I see from the people around me. It seems healthy people’s views on chronic illness is pretty darn black and white; you’re either bed-ridden, crippled and unable to participate in basic daily activities without help OR you’re fine, in a…… Continue reading Dysfunctional not disabled

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Cleaning, catch up and CT results

We are ALMOST done this mess of a renovation. Let’s just say the major construction and chaos is over and it’s really down to details, and of course cleaning up weeks worth of neglect. This basically means that even though we’re not on a strict deadline (mainly due to the fact that there was no easily usable…… Continue reading Cleaning, catch up and CT results

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I’m still here….. kind of.

I haven’t disappeared for reals. Just online (other than running Youtube or Spotify almost constantly, day in day out). I’m behind on my house work, my child rearing, my gaming and my blog. It’s not that I’m uninterested in my usual life, or that I’m too sick and tired to keep up with the usual.…… Continue reading I’m still here….. kind of.

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Strength Endurance Flexibility

The three cornerstones of a well rounded fitness regimen. The triangle of awesome, that I used to aim for when looking forward at the “be the best me I could be” or finding a new kick ass program to follow. Now it’s more like trying my best to maintain what of the 3 I have…… Continue reading Strength Endurance Flexibility