A little about me.



I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and a partner to one very special man. You could say I’m a woman with a passion for many a different thing and it shows. Over the years I made fitness and health a priority and truly enjoyed gaining knowledge, strength, flexibility and confidence through eating right (of course with some treats thrown in) and exercising regularly. Unfortunately over the last couple years my chronic pain and conditions have gotten worse despite the efforts to be healthy.

Fitness and adventurous eating have taken a back seat to symptom management , every day self care and coping. The list of diagnosis and conditions yet to be determined is far too long to get into here but includes a panic disorder, lupus (SLE), IBS, peripheral neuropathy (either idiopathic or from the lupus), depression and a mystery intestinal problem that is the main concern my doctors are working on at the moment.

My life is now a daily struggle to manage illness as well as motherhood, partnership and still finding time and energy to be me and enjoy my time here. This is a place for me to not only share what I go through and learn along the way from frustrations and tidbits to exercises that still work and recipes that fuel (or lets face it, sometimes just what cures a craving) but for me to keep a record of daily pain and quality of life. There is no particular rhyme or rhythm to what I post or why.

While it may be more for my sake than for anyone else’s, if somewhere down the line my story or words of…wisdom…nonono… experience lets say, end up helping someone else going through something similar feel less alone or learn something new then it’s definitely worth putting up for all to see.