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It’s Mercury Time!

Ready Freddie?

ready freddie.jpg

No I don’t mean I busted a thermometer or that I give two loads of crap about some sort of retrograding shenanigans.


It’s time to celebrate the greatest being that has ever walked the earth,


sang a tune,


or lived like there was no tomorrow.

images (3)

That’s right. The late, great, Freddie Mercury.


There are no words to describe how much this one dude has made an impact on my life or how much his lyrics and melodies have helped me through various low and high points. One of the saddest things I deal with, is knowing I’ll never see a live Queen show. Well, unless there’s a big one planned up in the sky once I finally kick the bucket.

For most people, labour day weekend means one last big party before Autumn, the school year and if you live as far north as we do, packing up the cabin, camper, boat etc to prepare for Winter (lets make one thing clear, even up here FALL DOES NOT START UNTIL LATE SEPTEMBER!!!!!).

For me however, it signifies a weekend to celebrate the life, music and zest of dear Freddie.

He not only was an amazing musical pioneer who was extremely under appreciated during his lifetime but he wound up also being part of the initial movement of openness and honesty about homosexuality in the public eye (even if that was never his plan).


This man literally lived life to the fullest until his dying days. I admire and aspire to that. As far as I know I have a long way to go till I’m put to rest and half the time I feel like giving up on life and hiding away. A quick flip of ‘A Night at the Opera’ and I have the will to live again.

He’s the reason I learned to play piano. Actually the reason I really cared about music at all after my faith crisis happened and I realized there was more to music and lyrics than hymns and chorus’. He’s the reason I believe in individuality, the inspiration of creativity and that no matter what people go through they still can have a reason to live and the motivation to be a good person.

This past week has been a hard one and physically it seems to be only getting worse so this weekend lacks the usual busy status but non the less I plan on enjoying some down to earth, easy going, hopefully recovery time with all my favorite records….ooo and cake.


Because one of my favorite parts of celebrating Freddie Mercury’s birthday is because I get to celebrate mine at the same time!



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