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Losing my identity

Since I started dealing with doctors visits, symptoms, medical tests, diagnosis, medications and lifestyle changes I’ve never really had a difficult time keeping my self identity in tact. I didn’t call myself the girl with asthma, the girl with the panic disorder, the girl with depression, the girl with migraines etc. I was the girl…… Continue reading Losing my identity

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April 24th to 27th

PP: Right shoulder, right neck, head, right ear, vasculitis (upper body), right elbow, both wrists, both thumbs, both knees, both feet, inner right thigh, SI joint, tender right abdomen, IBS -D, rough breathing, very dry mouth, dry, irritated eyes, blurry vision, swollen ankles, low fever, insomnia, general anxiety, irritated scalp, under bust rash, very foggy…… Continue reading April 24th to 27th

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Parenting the Difficult Child (When you are ill)

This post has been on my mind for some times now. It’s not a ‘How To’ guide that carefully lays out how I’ve mastered the parenting skills required to put my kids on the right track while simultaneously taking enough time to care for myself and keep stress at bay. THIS DEFINITELY ISN’T THAT KIND…… Continue reading Parenting the Difficult Child (When you are ill)

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I just can’t do it myself anymore.

I’ve always loved to be social, spend time with my friends and family and even on occasion meet new people. I would never label myself as a people person though, I actually consider myself rather anti-social. In part because I’m that typical “shy until you get to know me…. then WOAH wild child!” but also…… Continue reading I just can’t do it myself anymore.

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April 18th to 23rd

PP: Both feet, right hip, right SI, right swollen tender abdomen, right rib cage, neck, base of head, both hands (right worse), right elbow, right shoulder, rash on upper abdomen, back of arms and around edge of hair, IBS-C, nerve┬ápain (see below for guesses why it’s back) that moves around, vasculitis pain and swelling all…… Continue reading April 18th to 23rd