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April 18th to 23rd

PP: Both feet, right hip, right SI, right swollen tender abdomen, right rib cage, neck, base of head, both hands (right worse), right elbow, right shoulder, rash on upper abdomen, back of arms and around edge of hair, IBS-C, nerve pain (see below for guesses why it’s back) that moves around, vasculitis pain and swelling all over, dry, irritated eyes, tinnitus, insomnia, panic attacks, bloating, hair loss…. there may be more, it’s been a symptom full few days.

DPR: It has been a rough few days physically. Everything hurts, everything is stiff and on top of that my bowels are giving me more grief than they have in a while. I am definitely leaning towards that my initial worry that beautiful sunshine is to blame is true. Other than the basic repetition of symptoms on lupus, google is rather useless. It’s not called the disease of many faces for no reason, so many different symptoms, flare triggers and presentations that it’s not easy to find a straight answer. I’m a knowledge freak, so not being able to research and find answers is a piss off, on top of feeling like crap already. On top of all of that, I finally had enough of worrying the amitriptyline was doing more harm than good. I’ve put on some weight since starting it, 16 lbs to be exact and that’s quite a bit for 6 weeks (my last weigh in) and other than some splurging on cake around Little Dude’s birthday my diet has stayed rather restrictive while still testing different foods back in and continuing to watch my calories and macros closely. It’s not so much a vanity problem as it is a my clothes are damn tight and I don’t have an interest in yet again buying a whole new wardrobe, especially after how hard I worked to get my new one fitting perfect. On top of that, after more thought on why my panic attacks have gotten so bad after years of them being under better control, I can only guess that it may be the amitriptyline responsible for that as well. It hasn’t boosted my mood, it hasn’t helped with the IBS about all it seems to have done is knock me out at night (and keep me groggier in the mornings) and eased my migraines and some of the nerve pain. I stopped taking it two days ago, while I haven’t had a migraine yet I have had some very intense nerve pain in my upper body mostly. It’s too early to tell if going of it is the cause, or if its just part of the whole flare up of symptoms that has been going on the last week and is just a little late joining the party. While I will miss the fact that its one of the only things that puts me to sleep and the nerve pain is honestly worse than the swelling joint and muscle pain, the panic attacks and weight gain are two pretty horrible side effects (on top of the dry mouth, grogginess, cravings and other well known ones) and they make it not worth it. Looks like my next doctors appointment isn’t coming along fast enough, I have a lot to discuss.


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