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Why haven’t I mentioned the tub yet?

It’s not that it isn’t here and it’s not that it isn’t great. We’ve just had some issues with some manufactures defects and now in the end, they’ve ordered us a new tub since a few things already have to be replaced and the frame has already gotten wet. We felt it shouldn’t be on…… Continue reading Why haven’t I mentioned the tub yet?

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I’m still the best… apparently

I have been ridden with guilt the last few months. As a mom of 3 young kids full of zest and energy, I’m kind of falling behind. Not that I don’t have a heart full of love and at least the ability to keep them as safe from harm as possible, properly fed and in…… Continue reading I’m still the best… apparently

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Let’s add more diseases to the mix shall we?

Finally yesterday I had my long awaited appointment with my GP after the last round of tests. A lot has been riding on it, weeks more of waiting for answers as my symptoms have slowly progressed from inconvenient and annoying to persistent and debilitating. Worse more, this isn’t the first time it’s happened, it’s just…… Continue reading Let’s add more diseases to the mix shall we?

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Too tired to function, too awake to sleep

Pretty much sums it up. Between the gut problems being worse than ever and whatever nerve issue is causing my arms to burn and be numb at the same time, the idea of a restful full night’s sleep is a fairy tale. For the same reasons along with the lack of sleep, days are spent…… Continue reading Too tired to function, too awake to sleep

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Fucking hypocrites… Ok so confession time. Hypocritical behavior is probably my biggest pet peeve. In fact it’s much more than something I find irritating or annoying, it downright offends me. At least when it comes to the people around me that practice it fully aware of how askew their behavior¬†is in comparison to all the…… Continue reading Hypocrites…

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When you can’t Pokemon GO…

You Pokemon….stay. Seriously, I can’t believe how this craze has wide-swept the world. Really for the second time, because boy do I remember when Pokemon first appeared and took over our classrooms, recesses, every drawer, nook and cranny with trading cards, figures, stuffies and of course game cartridges. I’ll be the first to admit, when…… Continue reading When you can’t Pokemon GO…

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Sometimes we’re all just suffering

On a day like today, my pain and discomfort doesn’t seem much worse than anyone else around me. Sometimes¬†discomfort is simply universal. With the humidex putting our temperature at 41 degrees Celsius (that’s 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit ) it’s pretty safe to say that anyone not in the vicinity of central air is suffering big time.…… Continue reading Sometimes we’re all just suffering