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Too much of a good thing…is still too much.

There are a lot of bad things in my life that I feel I have far too much of. Pain, anxiety, cranky kids, dishes to wash, time with my mother…. There’s no shortage of things that I could use less of (or none of for that matter) and those are the things that are too much in almost any amount.

But what about the good things? Some would argue that for a lot of them, there’s no such thing as TOO MUCH. Too much love? I think most people would say no way, but Freddie Mercury would say it could kill you. Too much money? While I think most of us would feel blessed to finally pay all our bills on time and have some extra spending cash, I’ve heard a B.I.G. guy talk about how more money means more problems.

Having too much of a good thing doesn’t always turn out as one would think. Usually we find once it’s happened that there are drawbacks, penalties or even disastrous results. At the same time, it doesn’t mean we can’t want a little more than what we have. When we get it though, we aren’t always pleased with the results.


I love getting in some relaxing/ kid free time with Mr. Mango but hell after a whole weekend of it, it’s really no different than any other weekend. I’m ready for Monday to hit and for him to zoom off into the big city and leave me with some peace and quiet (or well for 20 minutes until the children wake up).


I love me a glass of wine or two and I am genuinely sad when our home stock runs low (or out) but when it comes to bottling/storing/ dealing with multiple batches at once over the summer? There’s just too much of the stuff to go around.


Oh how I have always loved bread and I have missed it a lot over the last few years that traditional wheat/yeasted foods haven’t been in my life. It almost (ALMOST) seemed like a fortuitous turn of events that over the last month or so my gut has been in such a mood that anything more than simple white carbs makes me wish I had just gone hungry. For the first week or so ditching the gluten free diet, cutting out anything resembling high fiber and only eating exactly what I’ve been avoiding for years seemed fun. Bowls of pasta, pie (in moderation, even over cooked apple filling isn’t so nice), cinnamon buns and these tasty garlic and herb rolls (which I have to post the recipe for, they were a huge hit everywhere we’ve brought them) among other things all tasted great and didn’t send me running to the bathroom repeatedly after. Now that it’s been a few more weeks though? I miss my fucking broccoli, and chili, and fresh fruit, and stir fry and salad. Bread be damned I want my leafy crunchy greens back!


Basil is my favorite herb. I use it in almost every savory meal or snack, but like any good cook knows, there is such thing as too much flavor. Especially with us not having as many hearty soups, stews and salads on the menu, we’re not needing the stuff as often. Which means my poor little basil bushes had been quite neglected. This is just the tip of the iceberg, everything that was budding up flowers. Unless my neighboors are feeling especially needy about their fresh herbs, I’m afraid a lot of these sprigs will be going to waste.

It may sound tacky and pointless to be complaining about too much of a good thing, but honestly I’m dealing with too much of some of those bad things that I just can’t even begin to talk about it right now. That and my lack of sleep (oh, there’s something I don’t think I could ever get too much of) is playing crazy games with my brain. I just want to crawl under my covers and hide away from the world, but I can’t, I have less than a week to get my shit together and plaster a big ol’ smile across my face to celebrate 29 years of life. Which during flare times like this….feels like too much.


One thought on “Too much of a good thing…is still too much.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post it is so important to remember the good things in life. The things that make you happy. Like you said the world is filled with bad things! Thank you for sharing this with us. I am following you so I can read more.

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