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A little laugh goes a long way

I mean that literally on days like today. A bit of humor is a momentary distraction from the pain. Too much and well it causes a REAL laugh and that means my body moves, my head moves and the searing migraine pain gets temporarily even worse.


On days like today Mr. Mango generally starts up our usual little banter of puns and funny pictures.


My facebook chat/news feed on these days is absolutely riddled with these sorts of things because even on the best of days I can’t text worth shit. I know right? I’m one of those rare nerds that don’t get along well with technology.


But I do love a good math pun and anything that reminds me of Cutthroat Island (Pirates of the Caribbean eat your heart out) gives me a little smirk.


One by one, I collect the best of them. I admit it, I’m a pun hoarder. Once in a while Mr. Mango and I will sit with a glass of wine and giggle together flipping through them all.


It’s happening so often lately (yay for so many migraines!…..NOT) that some of our close friends have started playing along.


Although it isn’t always puns, pretty much anything to do with our favorite movies, bands or my insatiable love for cattle counts.


It’s usually pretty easy to tell if the jokes are from my old band geek group.


Or from Mr. Mango’s work buddies….


Our family members even get in on it sometimes. Digging up things that only a sibling…


or a mother (Mr. Mango’s) could truly understand the importance of.


It is helpful and relaxing.


It helps me drown out a lot of the background noise that makes the pain worse.


Even if for only a second my brain is tricked into thinking everything is different.


Even if it really isn’t that gullible (no word of a lie, Mr. Mango fell for this…. out loud…. I almost peed my pants! I often yell to him ‘oranges’ when he seems taken by a scam or falls for a too good to be true ad)


While it’s not a cure or a fix and I don’t feel hunky-dory, it really is helpful. Even if to others it seems annoying, I think most people could use a little laughter in their day to day life.


If not, they can judge all they want. My head hurts too much to care.


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