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Please forgive me… I’m new here.

This here is probably where I should have started.

“Hi, I’m Billy. I suffer from chronic illnesses. I’m new to this kind of blogging world and it may take some time to get the hang of it all.”

While that may sound more like I’m introducing myself at an AA meeting I do think it needs to be said. Not only am I just starting to approach an understanding of actually being permanently ill, I’m totally a newbie at formatting, commenting, liking, editing, arranging, you name it. Anything to do with setting up and managing a site is something new to me and I’m learning as I go. So I ask anyone reading this (or anything else from me over the next while) to bare with me as I figure it all out.

While being the perfectionist I am means it’s making me a little frustrated trying to figure out all the tricks and tools, it also is kind of humbling.

It’s like when I started doing yoga…. except thank GOODNESS no one was there to witness that mess! At first I felt like a monkey on ice skates, it was horrible and I wanted to give up. Now though by no means am I an expert but I enjoy it, I’m confident doing it and it helps me feel the best on my good days and survive my bad days.

I am hoping this blogging experiment will be the same way.

Of course I am completely open to any tips and tricks from those more experienced out there willing to offer advice. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it also wasn’t built by just one person. A little bit of help will go a long way I’m sure.

Until next time. Thanks for understanding!

Ms. Mango


8 thoughts on “Please forgive me… I’m new here.

  1. Welcome!
    I can give you as much advice as you would like. I really appreciate all of your comments on my post. To obtain readers, read other people posts. I quite enjoy going to the Reader section and typing in my favourite tags… Some examples are Poetry, Chronic Illness, Love. It brings you straight to your favourite posts and helps you connect with people!
    Second piece of advice, is be yourself and write as honestly as you can (:
    Again, welcome xo


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