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The Happiness Tag

I’m not usually one to follow along with chain sorts of emails or tags, but this one I thought I’d give a go. After all, who doesn’t want to spend a little time focusing on what makes them happy?

Kara was ever so kind and nominated lil’ “old” me. If you have not done so yet, head over and check out her blog. Seriously, if you want to talk about what makes me happy, her little corner of the internet is able to put a smile on my face even after a really shitty day. Whether it’s relating to man-folk woes or a humorous yet sarcastic view of the world when you’re stuck being chronically ill, it’s always a good read.

Official Rules:

5. Things that make you happy.

5. Songs that make you happy.
5. Bloggers that make you happy. Let them know you nominate them and you are done.

An extra note I should add is this list is by no means the be all end all of my happiness. I may rant, vent or express complaint often here, but for the most part, I am surrounded by things that make me happy. It’s just easier to express that all  normally day to day, than the shit that piles up on the negative side of things. I use this space to release it all. I guess you could say this blog gives me that relief I need to be more happy “in real life.”



1. My family.

All of ’em. We’re a mish mosh of all sorts and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. Home cooked/ home grown food.

Both the growing/ cooking/ baking AND the eating.

3. Music.

Whether it’s playing an instrument, singing a tune or watching a show. Music is an integral part of my life (and my families). I can guarantee I’d be miserable (or gone) without it.

4. Fire.

Not really anything to add here. I really like fire….. but in a semi responsible way, like in a pit or middle of a field. We’re not talking full on arson pyromania here.

5. My quirky, messed up self.

Yea, that’s right. I deal with a lot of shit personally. I have several chronic illnesses (both physical  and mental), I have self confidence/ body issues and sometimes I just feel like a shit person all together. Ya know what though, I do my darn tootinest to make myself happy. Whether it’s dying my hair crazy colours, putting on make up on a crappy day, mis-matching my socks, throwing my kettle bell around, making myself a double batch of gluten free copy-cat red lobster cheddar bay biscuits at 1 am when I can’t sleep or just plain marveling at old pictures of shit I’ve done, I try to keep finding a way to keep entertained and positive. A year ago, I would have never put myself on this list. At all. Just there, that sort of internal self improvement is something to smile about.


….This….is….hard…. How do I sum up all my happy music in a short-list of 5.

1. Don’t stop me now – Queen

I could easily put the whole Queen discography here… but if I had to pick ONE of their songs that truly just hits me in the happy spot, this would be it.

2. Hooked on a feeling – Blue Swede

This song is epic nostalgia. I remember it being on my mom’s mix of “Sounds of the Seventies” and it always made me laugh.

3. Shiny happy people – R.E.M.

Also a piece of Ms. Mango nostalgia. As far as my parents tell me, this was my first “favourite song.”  I still smile instantly when I hear it because it takes me back to many good memories of my childhood road trips or weeks out camping at West Hawk Lake.

4. Hate your guts – Pride and Glory (Zakk Wylde)


WARING NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN OR WORKPLACE….. Totally switching gears here. THIS particular song makes me happy when I’m right ol’ pissed off at someone in particular. The particular person may change from time to time but listening to this song always makes me feel better. Don’t let this diswade you though, Zakk Wylde has a shit load of awesomeness up his arse…nal… that deserves a place on this list, this just happens to be very different from the rest.

5. The sound of silence – Simon and Garfunkel (or Disturbed now…..)

I wrestled with putting this on here. This song is deeply personal (so much so that it’s no permanently marked into my skin) to me. It’s not so much that it makes me happy, its that it’s helped me become a little less UNHAPPY when on the brink of despair. To someone that suffers from depression and anxiety like I do, that can make all the difference, even if it isn’t full of happy moments an sunshine.

5 Bloggers that make me happy:

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been shit at keeping up with reading around WordPress lately. With everything going on, I’ve spent most of my online time googling random shit that has to be done and finding blogs all over the web to help. That being said, there are definitely a few blogs here that are a late night must read after a hard days work is done.

1. https://brokendownbody.wordpress.com/ – Ren is an amazingly passionate person that like me, has also recently received some new diagnosis and is trying to make sense of it. Because I can relate a lot to what she writes, I can feel just a little bit happier knowing I’m not alone in the world (even though she’s half way across it).

2. https://chronicrants.com/ – Ms. Rants has one amazing blog. Every post I read from her is like an epiphany of… why didn’t I think of that perspective. I hate to say it (because it sounds kind of awful) but her experience with chronic illness helps put my mind at ease. There are others out there and we can lean on one another’s knowledge and perspective from time to time.

3. https://kidscrumbsandcrackers.wordpress.com/ – Lisa is one hilarious lady! From funny tales of the past to modern happenings around the world, her  light and carefree style makes everything a joy to read. Especially on the day’s my kids are being awful, it’s nice to know I can look back on the young years with a sense of humor!

4. https://anonymouslyautistic.net/ – Anna’s blog has been incredibly helpful to me over the last few months. I don’t talk about it often, but my oldest is on the ‘spectrum’ and sometimes I feel helpless trying to parent a child who’s a little different. Her posts on her experience, articles and videos have really helped me widen my understanding of autism and how I can handle the difficult parts while bringing out some of the amazing benefits (yes there are many!) of my boy. That is without falling to pieces. I get lots of “aha” moments that make me happy.

5. https://lisapomerantzster.com/ – Lisa posts everything from the every day mundane to opinions on pressing current events and it’s always a great read. Not only does she have an amazing writing style that makes reading easy (and hey I get to learn Yiddish bit by bit) but her photographs are also wonderful.


So there you have it. Post complete. Now it’s time to get yet more work done in the yard and then head to Princess’ Kindergarten graduation. You can bet it’ll be one more thing that will put a tear of joy in the corner of my eye and a happy memory in my mind.


14 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag

  1. AWWWW! I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t think this post could get any better than Queen – I’m always that jackass at karaoke who insists in a group rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and it is GLORIOUS! Maybe I’m just pretty drunk…

    Anyway, you put me in your blog. You lovely lady ❤ I was having a bit of a gloomy day and you have just added a little bit of sparkle to it. I'm going to take this positivity and go and rake through ironing mountain for clothes that I like to wear, that make me feel good so I have one less thing to think about. Your positivity has whizzed all the way over to Scotland and has given me a little bit of get up and go – thank you so much xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are very welcome! I’m glad the positive vibes were able to travel so far. Hope that ironing is just what you need to bounce back into a cheer and that the rest of your week is able to be spent in a pleasant mood and not down and gloomy!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. He’s done everything from lead guitar for Ozzy, his own southern metal band; Black Label Society to acoustic easy listening type stuff. No one should be without a little Wylde in their life!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! We all need happiness, and I am so honored to be a blogger that makes you happy! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! And, QUEEN! Love the pix, love the post, sending love for a good feeling day for all! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apart from raising children, growing fruits and vegetables is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. Our garden seems to slowly grow year after year (now we actually use an acre on a friends property for much larger yeild) but we also use containers, crates and bins. Even just having a couple tomato plants and some fresh herbs can be such a unique blessing to the table when it’s time to harvest.

      Liked by 1 person

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