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May 16th to 31st

PP: Both hands, both knees, SI joint/hip,  right neck/shoulder, right elbow, IBS, heavy lungs, tender right abdomen, kidney problems, insomnia, general anxiety.

DPR: I know it looks like a lot still hurts, and it does, but even if I’m still having daily pains and trouble, even if the stress lately is enough to kill and even if I’m having even more trouble catching shut eye at night I’m all around feeling better. The pain isn’t as severe, I’m not taking as much of the ‘hard stuff’ and I’m able to function and do day to day tasks much easier. After more tests and two apts (one with GP one with rheumatology) I have another host of tests I’m being sent for. A bung of pulmonary screening tests…. and then there are the kidneys. Apparently not only are my intestines to blame for all that abdominal pain but my kidneys might be joining in on the fun. How wonderful…. Not that it wasn’t really expected, when I began my research on what lupus is I learnt that it is more common than not to have kidney involvement at one time or another. On top of the tests I’ve been put on a higher does of the anti malarials to see if the whole “If they work ok at a low dose lets see if they work great at a higher one.” It is still a little early to tell if that’s the cause of less fatigue and the joint/muscle pain being less severe but I am hopeful. At least if it is, it means it could be a permanent change. Which means YAY. Another plus of the ease of symptoms being caused by something I’m doing opposed to just plain luck that eventually will end. Its been a very stressful… year and it’s only going to continue or heck, even get more hectic over the next month or so, I need luck to not play a part in it. I can’t afford to have another flare. Hopefully once all the stress and extra work is over though, there will be some things in our life that will ease pain, give relaxation and make our home a little place we can enjoy a ‘stay-cation.’


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