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February 17th-22nd

PP: Migraine, right shoulder, upper back, elbow, both wrists, both feet, general vasculitis, numbness in extremities, IBS, right abdominal pain and tenderness.

DPR: This past week has mostly revolved around figuring out how to handle a full blown migraine with no extra meds, while energy levels have been better, it’s hard to do anything even just exist with that much pounding, nausea, throbbing and sensitivity. Between a natural oil, kinesiology tape and massage and acupressure by the amazing Mr. Mango I was able to get through the worst of it without going into emergency for pain relief. The vasculitis is causing a series of different issues now, who knows if it caused the migraine in the first place but between insane leg swelling, spider veins, random bruising and the typical nerve type pain it’s just been an awkward and frustrating few days. Thankfully my depression never developed worse symptoms and my anxiety is controllable still so I am not as worried about having to medicate at the moment, little blessings I guess.


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