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No more Naproxen

While I will have an update on the kinesiology tape for migraines later, today is finally the day I give up on this stupid medication. I’ve given the higher dosage almost two weeks now and I’m just done with it.

The lupus medications themselves do enough damage to my digestive system, it’s not worth it to add more nausea and risk of ulcers along with the fact that they just don’t help with pain relief and I think they are actually causing and/or making the migraines worse. A bunch of unwanted symptoms with no benefit, no thanks!!

I get that this drug must work wonders for some people if it’s the “go to” prescription for pain, but I guess my body just doesn’t respond to it well. It scares me a little because I know full well that if NSAIDS don’t work the only option is to move up the…. hard stuff. Which all come along with their own set of side effects and risks.

Due to the fact that my next appointment with the Rheumatologist isn’t for another couple months I’m stuck adding another thing to talk about with my GP, I’m hoping he can recommend something along different lines, but who knows. He’s seen me at my very worst for both joint swelling and pain as well as migraines (huddling in a corner behind a chair due to fluorescent lights in the office… embarrassing as it was, I’ve never seen a doctor immediately act so serious) but from experience most GP’s don’t really budge from their regular paths of treatment.

While it may be a long road ahead pain wise, the fatigue is still manageable. The relief of being able to wake up and kind of feel awake, I can’t even explain how much of a physical and mental benefit it has had these last couple days.

I guess I just have to cross my fingers that the pain won’t be enough to send me back to wanting to sleep all day. The other medications HAVE to be working, so I can manage, function and continue on…..


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