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February 23rd – 26th

PP: Head (right side mostly), neck, right shoulder, elbows, wrists, right knee, feet, IBS, dry irritated eyes, mouth sores, tender sore abdomen, most severe vasculitis yet.

DPR: For the last few days the swelling in my circulatory system has been wreaking havoc on me mentally. It’s not like the usual muscle spasms or cramps or like the swollen tender joints. It’s hard to pinpoint where the pain is, and once I do it moves. Like fire ants crawling and making their way everywhere through my veins. Nothing seems to help, not meds, not heat, not cold, not rest, not activity. At the same time nothing but getting stressed is making it worse either. Other pains get worse after being too busy or on the opposite sitting too long. Last night I had to finally gear up and shout at the kids over their noise and arguing and well, that made it much much worse in my upper body. Not because it was loud but because it tensed my whole body up different than exercise or other activity. While I do believe my migraine is gone, I think that this swelling is why by the end of the day no matter what I do, eat, take my head is throbbing. I made an appointment with my GP to discuss it along with other concerns before I head back to the rheumatologist. I will be switching GPs though, while this one is close and I like him, I just can’t handle the staff there and unfortunately appointments end up being very late and that doesn’t work well when trying to schedule kids coming home from school and Mr. Mango getting back to work. Looks like yet another thing we’ll have to head into the city for….


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