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It’s getting on my nerves

Literally. What ever “it” is.

Happy to report that the over all stiffness and achy-ness  is still doing much better than before. A minor hindrance and annoyance compared to the debilitating pain and lack of mobility that I was experiencing during the worst of the last flare up.

Of course though I can’t just enjoy that can I?

I’m not really sure how to explain it. In some ways it feels like my normal vasculitis symptoms. Like my veins are swollen and pain moving from place to place, but instead of sporadic confetti type movement it’s more like ripples on a pond. One movement the wrong way sending shots of pain, tingling and numbness outward in every direction.

I know I may be a little more on edge than usual, still processing everything and realizing exactly what my future might be holding has me holding quite a grudge against my own body. I know that being chronically ill means that I may not ‘catch a break’ but dammit I would like to!

I’ve calmed Mr. Mango down by telling him its probably leftover from the migraine or a side effect of the newest meds but I’m really not sure. He has a right to be worried, after all shooting spine and/or arm pain is generally a reason for a normal healthy person to head right to their doctors.

For me and my mysterious body? I guess it’s just starting to chalk every random problem up to the lupus, or the SI joint dysfunction or the IBS or heck even the depression and anxiety. Can there really be something else at play?

Now comes the time to ask for some advice? Anyone got any ideas or tips?


One thought on “It’s getting on my nerves

  1. I had many neurological issues (vertigo, brain fog, pain in various parts of my body, sudden jolts in my head, insomnia, etc.) in addition to the migraines before my diet changes. I feel like I’m “back” since I eliminated certain foods. Maybe, this would work for you too.


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