My doctors are using the F word now

So I’m sitting here with a glass of  Petite Sirah, listening to some Zakk Wylde (it’s generally something I do when the world has turned to shit and I need to chill the fuck out….). If  you have gandered at my ramblings before, you’ll notice I don’t have a problem letting the F-bomb slip. Hell… I enjoy cussing. Not because I don’t have better vocabulary options available but because I think ‘offensive’ language definitely can enhance a sentence in a way no other ‘appropriate’ words are able to. Simple…


I’m pretty sure though if this were true, I’d be fucking pain free by now…(we’ll have to test it out when I’m child free and able to foul it up as much as possible next weekend).

We’re getting off track though (I blame the wine). The F word my doctors have been using isn’t foul or crude, even though it has been behind my back. During my visit with Gastro Guy yesterday I learned that the word Fibromyalgia is all over the correspondence notes between my GP and both specialists that have taken place during the last couple months.

Not once did those fuckers ever mention it to me!

After my shock at Gastro Guy’s long explanation about fibromyalgia and ibs (I’m sure my face was priceless, because at that point I thought he had brought the wrong patients charts in) had worn off I simply asked if I should be worried that I hadn’t heard anything about any of this before. After all, I had talked with GP on Monday and there were no F words other than Friday discussed.

I don’t really blame the guy for being a little shocked right back. He seemed just as surprised as me that I was caught unaware.  He is a gastrointestinal surgeon and clearly not good with the chit chat. He’s spent more time up my ass hole than he has talking to me. I know unleashing the mighty mango wrath on him would be wrong, I simply pulled an ‘ok then’ and we moved on. The Gastro Guy isn’t the one to press for more info on this anyways… the next appointment with the Rheumatologist however…different fucking story.

I left his office with a fuck load more questions than answers (aren’t we used to that at this point…). He decided he was going to confer with my GP on the next course of action. His official diagnosis at this time is a more severe case of IBS that is aggravated by possible nerve damage and/or miscommunication and his recommended solution is some type of medication to calm my nerves (I had to clarify here that he meant  actual nerves not ‘nerves’, I made no effort to hide how peeved I was).

My take away here is after two failed and one successful colonoscopies they found out nothing new ( I received the diagnosis of IBS almost 9 years ago now) yet after no new  discussions, tests or appointments I’ve apparently been diagnosed with a new disorder and yet to be told about it.

Note that my problem at the moment isn’t a new label or complication to figure out, it’s the confusion that this is the first I’ve heard of it (and by accident). Along of course with the fact that fibromyalgia has a whole whack load of controversy when it comes to doctors diagnosis.Some docs acknowledge it as a real syndrome at one end of the spectrum all the way to some STILL dismissing it as a fable created to label patients that are ‘overly sensitive’ to a functioning body (everyday aches and pains, digestion, stress buildup, inactivity) . I want to know where MY doctors stand. Lets just say that if they’re gonna be fuck-wads, I’m going to be finding new representation.

I’m fucking confused and honestly feel a little betrayed by my medical team at the moment. Good thing I’ve gotten the OK from the Gastro Guy that occasional drinking and NSAIDs use because at this time there is no indication of an IBD and that my ulcers are idiopathic.


I mentioned to Mr. Mango the other day that I saw this little piece in the LC and since he’s trying his darnedest to get back into my good graces he surprised me by bringing it home today. Right now I am going to thoroughly enjoy…and on Monday I’m going to start figuring all this shit out.


One thought on “My doctors are using the F word now

  1. Geez … why am I not surprised (med team that is!) … sending you my love … Cheers, and top that shit up! Think you need another bottle!! xoxox


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