The Mango Clan vs the Flu

Long story short the flu has been winning.

One by one over the last week we’ve been taken out. Each hit out of nowhere from seemingly healthy (other than me obviously, I’m already a health nightmare) to head in porcelain, fever and cold sweats, can’t eat, too tired to sleep…the whole deal. The worst of it lasting about a day but the recovery is slow and by that time it’s the next persons turn to get hit.

First it was Buddy, then Mr. Mango (the resident baby of the house), then Princess, and finally over the weekend Little Dude and I got our turn. I honestly think it would have been easier if it had been in the middle of the week and the man-baby wasn’t home. It’s even harder to take care of yourself and the ACTUAL baby of the house when you’re still nursing a not really sick wussy boy back to health. Of course… don’t point this out or he’ll bite your head off.

Did I mention I have the blessed fortune of having him home today too? He says it’s to help me, but it’s not. It’s because we spent a bucket and digestive cookie filled day yesterday driving into the city to pick up  the new Final Fantasy (I was too ‘ill’ to handle the kids on my own at home but of course he couldn’t handle them himself in the car if anything happened while driving, all for my sake and for safety….)  and naturally now he wants to play it but a mandatory update got in his way last night once we finally got home.

Gee, I usually feel so bad about him taking his vacation or paid sick days to cover my ass for doctors appointments, scopes or more tests… and I usually do have to put up with my fair share of back handed remarks about it. I didn’t know my value level came underneath that of a rather lackluster video game (they should have stopped after 10…simple as that, I don’t care what you say…. I’m allowed to say what I want. I’m extra sick and I just found out my partner would pick a shitty video game over me).

Did he even lock himself in the the bedroom with the damn thing? No, he wants me to stay in there and rest. AKA, he wants me to stay hidden away so he can pretend I’m not here and do NOTHING. Instead I have to see and hear his dumb ass here all day enjoying his non sick, sick day while I bust ass (figuratively and literally most likely) to tidy up after a week of us all being sick.

There are two upsides I can see to today. One being that the weather has finally taken a turn for the better and we’re not sitting in wind, cold and blizzard warnings anymore like the last 4 weeks. It’s actually relatively mild finally. This is going to make Little Dude extremely happy once he’s done being a little sicky pants.

The second is this.


It’s not a bug or a spider or a monster. It is a Love Potato. We Mango(e)s have had a really rough week as a group but we’re making it through. This thoughtful gift from Princess sure helped cheer me up yesterday during the worst of it.


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