Pain & Panic…..Oh and Polymyalgia Rheumatica


Ok, so I know I said I would follow up my previous post with how I personally manage my attacks (both anxiety and panic) but it’s been a busy few days here in the Mango household and my body and brain have been an eruption of random symptoms to wrangle on top of it. My nerves have been on fire all over, my panic attacks have been out of control which hasn’t helped my sleep or my over all anxiety and the swelling and aches in my hands and hip have been outrageous.

While I do plan to continue on with my follow up post(s), I figured since a new possible, yet…in my opinion impossible diagnosis has been added to the list at today’s ‘tweener’ doctors appointment (my scope results still are not in yet).

Polymyalgia (Rheymatica). The doctors office was packed and my appointment was over an hour late (try that with a 3 year old waiting with you…. I dare ya). After a quick cover of my medication, other shit and the fact that my colonoscopy results and follow up appointment haven’t been done yet, I got told that this is what is going on with my shoulders and trunk area…. and told to google it and come back.

Normally I love my doctor and how he’s pretty straight to the point and lets me do my own research but… what the hell. OK…so it’s not gonna kill me and clearly he’s learned to trust my ability to weed out bad data (some people trust Dr. Google a little too much…), still I don’t exactly get it. How did we come to this conclusion? I know they took a new bunch of lab tests and I did have a new batch of scans taken and obviously there’s some symptom similarities, was that it?

I’ve spent the day trying to explain what exactly lupus “is” and can do to my dear father (while managing Little Dude on his first day with the other two back in school) and now it’s time to do a little more research for myself. I do have my reservations and wonder if he meant to say and write Polymyositis, which while is a lot worse of a diagnosis in my opinion…. is a lot more in line with the Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder that my Rheumatologist is leaning towards.

Lets hope I can tear Mr. Mango away from the hockey game once the kids go to bed and convince him to help me into the hot tub. Polym-blahblah or not, IF I manage it I’ll be one much more comfortable person.

If…if is good.




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