Music as medicine and I need an overdose…

Christmas miracles really do happen!

After a rather harsh weekend both stress and weather wise (along with the usual  health related bullshit) I find out that I ‘get to be’ in charge of dessert this year at our big ass family meal on boxing day (December 26th). Now of course this is ALL FOR MY SAKE, since it means I don’t have to do any work….like making Mr. Mango boil and mash a bunch of potatoes that these people fucking beg for every other time the family gets together (seriously, my fam-jam cannot get enough of my spuds). Nono, since I “MUST” have already finished a bunch of holiday baking so it won’t be any trouble to just bring treats and be done with it.

When exactly was this fucking baking supposed to have taken place? In between colonoscopy/endoscopy, shitting/spitting blood, hairline fracture, a bout with the flu and just in general shitty ass lupus, busy life and December being ridiculous? If I was twilight baking,  you’d think I’d know about it by now….though it would sure explain waking up so tired and sore…. but dammit I’d have some tasty treats to show for it!

Like a dumb ass I mumbled acceptance to my assigned task and that was that. My brain already hasn’t been coping well with this time of year, the extra pains the stress of the holiday bullshit on top of the hospital crap. I don’t even know how I could have possibly added baking and basket making into the mix of stuff I’ve done/ dealt with of the last few weeks but I sure as shit don’t have any clue how I’m going to get it all done in less than a week now….

Enter a Mr. Mango dumb ass mistake to the rescue. Almost a year ago our ps3 started going on the fritz and we had to upgrade to a ps4. This was a big deal and I still haven’t adjusted to the switch well. Mostly because I had stashed my life’s worth of collected tune-age onto the hard drive of the ps3 and no spotify or youtube playlist is gonna compete with that shit.

We happened upon a ridiculously cheap deal on another used ps3 a couple months ago that we jumped on so that all our old games weren’t useless. Now I really didn’t give two shakes cause…not my music…. but, it’s now giving us a hassle too…. but only on one TV. So here’s the dumb ass mistake….. It’s the TV no the play station…..’someone’ didn’t think to check the other one months ago!

I HAVE MY MUSIC BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this doesn’t make time actually go any faster or instantly remove the arthritis from my bones or ulcers from my gut but man does it give me some emotional peace and genuinely cheered me up.

Just a small taste of what shuffle comes up with. At this point, I’m really set, I don’t want anything else under the tree or in my stocking. Of course that is if I don’t burn the damn thing out playing it non stop attempting like a crazy person to now fit months worth of baking and preparing into 6 days (more like 4 cause lets face it…nothing is getting done on Christmas eve or day) while not completely falling apart or ending up in emergency.

One more for the road.

Maybe not the right way to leave things….


5 thoughts on “Music as medicine and I need an overdose…

  1. 🙂 Hah! Music is eternal manna from heaven aint it! Makes everything feel better … glad you got it back! As for the baking … ditch that bitch and head for the pitcher and hot tub again 😉 maybe just tell them you got to sozzed and couldn’t find the stove 🙂

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    1. Oh how wonderful that would be! I think really feeling the pinch of expectation has hit harder than expected. I’m pretty sure I won’t feel so guilty once my grandparents are gone, but as this may well be their last holiday season with us I don’t want to be the party pooper (though the bathroom may be where I spend most my time…). Either way the tub and the pitcher are sounding like a mighty fine idea, even if it is mighty chilly out!!

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  2. Geez, I made one cheesecake and consider myself a hero. I gave up on most of the Christmas stuff years b ago. My house looks the same on Christmas as it does on the 4th of July. Day to day life is enough for me without adding extra work. I save my energy for visits and parties and try to keep the work part out of it. Strangely, I never really get “in the spirit” until Christmas day. I know, bah humbug.

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    1. Honestly I wish I could stay out of the spirit a little more. I wear it all out the first week in December and by this time I’m ready to just pack it in and be half way through February 😛 I think a lot of people don’t realize how tasking every day activities are on many of us and the addition of the holiday hectic-ness is just way too much. It’s good you’ve learned to save up your energy and keep your work load at home manageable. I’m sure your family and friends appreciate having you there and in the spirit for visits and fun! There’s nothing bah humbug about that 😉

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