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Double digits…wow a decade.

What a blur the last few days have been. My brain and my body somehow managed to hold it together so that we really could do it up right and get it all done… or well almost,  just in the nick of time.

Yesterday we celebrated Buddy’s 10th birthday.


Now Buddy’s a pretty particular boy. Not only is he incredibly eager with his attention seeking, he’s also pretty hard to impress. The combination usually means that he feels let down after getting excited. Of course his birthday is made even worse because every year (duh!) it lands smack dab in the middle of the holiday season where most people are so busy worrying about Santa, reindeer and everything red and green they totally forget about the unlucky bunch that happened to be born this month.

We do our best here to make the few days around his birthday as un-Christmas-y as possible. There are no holiday cookies or carols, the tree isn’t plugged in and we don’t dare brave the mall for gift shopping. We dedicate the time to him and HIS birthday…and I drive myself bonkers trying to whip together a cake last minute like usual because we’ve been too busy with everything else to remember to get a head start.

For years it’s been tradition that I bake each of the kids (…and Mr. Mango) their own special cake and as my culinary skills have grown so has my ability to be creative with what way their ambitious requests go. While sensibly, this is probably an area of life I probably should sacrifice and give in and just purchase a store made cake…. it’s just not something that I’m willing to give up on yet, chronically ill or not.

Like I said, Buddy isn’t easy to impress and I really wanted to do something that would knock his socks off (and hopefully right into the washing machine and not all over the house…ok off topic). He requested a batman cake, something with batman and the bat signal that tastes like vanilla. Now vanilla with buttercream, thats easy enough… hell it’s probably in my top favourite things to make (and eat…nom nom nom) but where comic characters are concerned, I’m a little more unfamiliar. Still I decided that my lupus arthritis riddled hands along with hairline fracture could manage modeling a fondant ‘action figure’ just for my big boy.

I am a dumb ass…


…but I also kinda did it. Now he wasn’t able to stand up yet (sugar paste, humidity, dumass-ery waiting until last minute to work with fondant in the first place etc)… so he just chilled there on the cake. He took an inordinate amount of time and energy and I broke off fingers, elbows and stupid glove ‘sharpies’ more times than I can count with my nerve shakes and hand cramps…. but again, I made it happen.


For that face!!!

He was stunned. It was just what he wanted and he was so excited that I told him while he ‘could’ eat it, we could also leave it be, let it dry and he could keep it on his shelf. He of course loved too that his name was place in the bat signal on top as well, he even called it clever, haha.

By the time we got to cake time last night, I was not only ready for bed but I was ready to fall over from exhaustion. I spent most of the evening silently zoning out with my heat pack while the rest of the pack got into the only real sport that matters. Table top hockey.



I had to take one little moment to distract Mr. Mango so that the birthday boy could tie it up. Really right then it hit me. We’re parents of a 10 year old, double digits. I’ve been a mom for a decade!

I really don’t know how many years or how many kids birthdays I have left to give it my all and it’s definitely not as many good ones left as I initially assumed, but I can guarantee that all efforts will be made and that every time that special birthday smile they get is absolutely worth all the pain and trouble.


One thought on “Double digits…wow a decade.

  1. Wow! That’s an impressive cake. My parents got me one fancy cake when I was a kid, but I wouldn’t let them cut it because it would “ruin it”. From hence forth, it was nothing but frosted sheet cakes or ice cream cakes. 🙂


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