Snow Day!


It finally happened. REAL WINTER has finally hit and it’s hit hard. The temperature has dropped to what is normal this time of year (which basically means it’s way to damn cold…) and a blizzard swept across Manitoba.


Highways are closed, the van is hidden under a pile of snow and our deck went missing under the mounds. The school called at 6 am this morning to let us know that classes are cancelled and the Mr. called his boss shortly after to let him know he won’t be making it into work. It is officially the years first snow day.

What does that mean for me? An impromptu holiday for the rest of the nuts in the house means tensions are high and there’s attitude up the whazoo. The kids have been at their brattiest the last few days and the tail end of the Man flu is still making Mr. Mango a cranky, lazy beast. I’d throw a temper tantrum of my own, but I’m afraid it would be lost on deaf ears… I’m the only one left that is giving two shits anyways.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it but somehow I’m going to manage to shovel a 15 foot path from the back door to the hot tub and while the rest of them are trapped inside with each other I’ll be spending the late afternoon with a glass of Shiraz and simmering myself at 104*.

You can’t see how much the swing is moving, but man is that wind gusting!
There used to be 3 steps somewhere on the deck… not to mention to the hot tub.
Fucking rights! No man baby, bratty children….or hairline fracture are going to stop me. Look at my big ass pile of snow! 

UPDATE: After watching the biggest man baby hissy fit I have ever witnessed (over a plastic shovel not working properly through 2 feet of snow over  a gravel driveway…) I have decided it may be two glasses… or a pitcher of margaritas…

At least this little cutie decided to join me out in the blizzard.

“I love it” – Little Dude



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