Made it through our first December weekend, we did!

I rather anticipate that my ability to post often and in any sort of regular fashion to be non existent over the Holiday season…but who says I can’t still try right?

Man Flu hit full force sometime at the beginning of last week, followed by all the kids getting a come back of their cold and of course somewhere in the middle, me getting hit with the virus as well. It made for a few days of 5 very cranky people all stuck in a house together…not the ideal time to think about gift shopping or holiday festivities…alas time is really running short and we don’t want to be stuck scrambling around still trying to find the perfect Santa gift.

On top of simply having to get all our checks marked off our gift list, there’s the basic holiday activity *musts* that MUST get done. Not only are both sides of my family full of traditions around this time of year but our kids school is really heavy into Christmas spirit and the extracurricular activities are many. When we planned out this year me ‘taking it easy’… we really forgot to take all of that into consideration. This weekend was already busy with obligations, on top of extra errands and shopping….and it’s only going to get busier!

With that, I anticipate the fact that my pain isn’t going anywhere. I can’t even consider this a flare anymore, it’s been too long… Is this the new normal? If I’m even more busy and stressed on top of THIS, will it kick in a new flare and there’s a whole new level of hell I’ll be going through over Yule and Christmas?

All valid questions…that I probably won’t have time for at my doctors appointment today. We already have to cover all my medications and possible dose changes, new narcotics to again mess with my flow (I get it with allostatic load and the effect of chronic pain/stress…it’s just a pain) and the big deal of requesting… NAY enforcing a referral to a new gastroenterologist. As Mr. Mango puts it, “This is BULLSHIT (and he means the pun he says), Your going to end up dying on me while we wait for them to shove a tube up your butt!”

A new constant level of pain in comparison to my possibly broken hand and increased intestinal bleeding just isn’t a priority, at least when the appointments seem to be about 5 minutes each. At least it’s getting done and getting more lab tests done as usual means another check on all those pesky levels that seem to keep crashing around.

After today’s doctors trip I get to be home and in recovery mode for a few days. I know most stay at home mothers probably wouldn’t be begging for a chance to stay home alone with relatively little else to do but the regular daily tasks….but I really need a dose of normal…or well…normal-lite. While this past weekend was hella busy with gift shopping, kids caroling and tree decorating, this next one is even bigger.

My big kid hits the double digits. Buddy turns the big 10! By then Mr. Mango will be recovered from his Man Flu (I fucking hope…) and I better find some sort of reserve energy and pain relief method. We always strive to make their birthdays special and to do that for Buddy in December is always a challenge. Lupus or not, there are certain parts of parenting in pain we just have to try and do no matter how challenging it may seem.

Trying to think about it all…the next couple weeks and everything we have to do (after already having made so many cuts to our social schedule and to do lists) it seems daunting and like we’re never going to get through…especially if we barely made it through this past weekend….but we did.

That must mean we can make it through the rest of the year, right?

Normally we don’t post any photos of our decorations or tree until after Buddy’s birthday but I think a little sneak peak won’t hurt.


I know right? The most random assortment of decorations possible! It was a wonderful scene as we finally got to relax last night and watch Elf, the kids favourite holiday movie….and then A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas…after the young ones had gone to bed of course! Now if the rest of the season was spent like that, I know I would be able to make it!


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