Man Flu vs the Sniffles…our household will make it through.

With mild early (except this year it’s late) winter weather, comes the sniffles. That’s just the way it works. The kids are busy playing in the snow, getting wet, wiping their runny noses all over their sleeves and mits, coughing right at each other (or on you…) and their hygiene habits are definitely lacking. Of course, this means that all those germs are spreading like wildfire around school and the first place they head afterwards is home. The likelihood of anyone avoiding getting a cold is slim to none.

Now sick kiddies I can handle. It sucks, don’t get me wrong, watching them suffer all stuffed up and goopy, but lots of love and cuddles, tea and chicken soup and we usually pull through just fine. It’s when those germs hit the man of the house…we’re all in trouble.


Now I’m usually pretty good about taking care of Mr. Mango when he gets downright sick  I’m great at taking care of him when he gets sick, even when it usually means I’ve caught whatever germ is floating around too. It’s just in my nature. I DO NOT like when the tables are turned and the people I care about are hurting and there isn’t much I can do about it, I’d much rather still be the one stuck in pain and misery. Even still, this Man Flu nonsense that hits one or two times a year…..nope, don’t have the patience for that.


Sure I still have the sympathy for the sniffles, a scratchy throat and the lethargy that comes with a cold. It sucks, but that’s not the worst part. Honestly you’d think the worlds worst PMS hit Mr. Mango by his raging ‘tude at the same time as puberty because he wants to hump ALL. THE. TIME…. except  that lethargy and fatigue doom him every time, even if I was interested….there’s no way he can act on that interest so all that pent up….ya know… just feeds right back into the moodiness and rage.

The kids and I pretty much have learned the signs of when we’re supposed to stay close for comfort and love and when we should keep a safe distance and just let him binge watch whatever crap he feels like or more likely sit for countless hours of video games, once in a while refreshing his beverages, offering nourishment and reminding him to drain the main vein. I shit you not, even the 3 year old who still isn’t in complete control of his own urinary output will  walk up to his full grown father and tell him to go pee (because he hasn’t for the last 2 coffees, 1 tea and 3 powerades).

The problem right now is we’re waiting for the Man Flu to actually hit. We’re in the preliminaries. He’s exhausted, he’s irritated and he’s lazier than all get out. He’s the equivalent of getting a scratchy throat before a full blown head cold shows up, but you KNOW it’s coming. The kids (who have completely recovered from their colds WOOHOO) helped me spend the weekend preparing a little bit since my body is still being incredibly defiant after the last weekend, and now we wait….


Any day now….


6 thoughts on “Man Flu vs the Sniffles…our household will make it through.

  1. I could write a book on this and it’d have more pages than the frickin’ King James version of the bible before it’s half finished. I wish you luck with your manchile, and I hope it subsides quickly! If he gets out of control, don’t be afraid to smack him in the back of the head “that’s to help clear your sinuses!”

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    1. I couldn’t even imagine if Mr. Mango had to endure what you and your other half have had to deal with the last few months. I can only imagine that he’d Deadpool it and just leave without a word so I don’t have to endure his pain. Honestly though, I do think men in general handle real illness better than they do a cough or sniffle. I do however see a few back of the head smacks in our near future….

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  2. Arrrggghhhh the man flu. … the most deadly illness known to man … and woman! Breath deeply … and find some kick ass sedatives … not for you well ok, for you if you like … but crush those bastards up and put em in his powerade 🙂 🙂 no more man flu !!! hehehe

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      1. Even better! Mine would just keep drinking the rest of the bottle … good stiff sedative or two works wonders LOL … and yes, for Us, hmmm … A holiday in the Bahamas perhaps 😉


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