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While everyone else was busy complaining…

Yesterday it finally happened here. It’s been a long time coming (ok well… like a Month) and we’ve been living in a strange twilight world without it. People putting up their holiday decorations with greenish/brown grass splotched yards, carols being played in the stores while everyone is running around in jeans and a T-shirt, Canadian geese still flapping about the shore line of our lake….all things that just don’t suit the middle/end of November up here near Winterpeg, Manisnowba (Winnipeg, Manitoba). We don’t DO the holidays without snow.

Well the long awaited light white fluff graced us with its appearance yesterday early morning finally…and well, throughout most of the rest of the day too! Sure while everyone else was too busy complaining about traffic jams or having to shovel their walks, I was ecstatic. It finally meant that even though I probably won’t be feeling up for much of anything soon, emotionally I can start being excited for Yule and Christmas festivities. That first blast of snow is a real mood booster and by far the prettiest bunch of it of the year.

Now I could have just been happy blasting some Boney M  sitting from my comfy spot on the couch sipping tea curled up with my hot pack. That kind of was the exact plan….

But there was a small munchkin that desperately needed to get out in that action and there was no way to say no to that face. While it may have probably set back my recovery time a day or two and at times pushed my pain tolerance further than I thought it could go anymore, even maxed out on my meds, we bundled up and headed out the door.

At 3 1/2 this is the first winter he’s stepped outside and really been able to PLAY. His thumbs actually maneuver in his gloves and everything. Now I thought I loved the first snowfall of the year, but he’s got me beat. I’ve never seen someone so innocently excited about something so simple, not to mention something that most everyone else gets sick of pretty darn quick (myself included….usually shortly after I take my first snow induced tumble).

Through some sort of magical circumstances we managed to not only spend a pretty good chunk of time outside but we made ourselves a pretty epic snowman. Little Dude’s first ever!


I really have no idea how we managed it, but I’m so happy we did and it totally is worth any extra rest time needed because that little guy has one heck of a first snow memory to keep now. So while the rest of the province was busy complaining about snow tires, bad drivers, street plowing, being late for work, shoveling, ugly boots and whatever else, Little Dude and I enjoyed every little bit about our first snow of the year!


One thought on “While everyone else was busy complaining…

  1. When my eldest daughter was little, and number 2 child hadn’t been born yet, we lived in a little town in the middle of the north island … and it was freaking cold; right under the mountain. It snowed all the time, and i hadn’t ever been around that much snow before. I loved it! I get the excitement! The first time I saw it snow there, it was about 1 am one morning, and we geared up and headed out for ‘snow angels’. I din’t enjoy the cold all the time, but the snow … well, that was something pretty cool! … Nice memories for your baby and you 🙂

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