Sickness don’t like no surprise

The day is finally upon us. The one annual event that we kind of look forward to dressing up for every year. Sure we usually have a wedding or two to go to throughout the year….and unfortunately there are some funerals that require a somber respectable attire, but really this is the one  thing we go all out and get excited for. We purchase new threads (this part… not so fun) with our limited funds, I do a mani/ pedi (yes, Mr. Mango loves his foot soak and scrub, he wouldn’t even care if you laughed), I wear an underwire and curl my hair, we dress to impress, we rent a hotel and we have a night out on the town.

Mr. Mango’s work Christmas party usually is a really big event and they put a lot of effort into the planning and the follow through. It’s worth getting excited about (other than three years ago…that was a fucking dud, but that made it kind of suck in an ugly Christmas sweater kind of way so we all just got tanked and kind of don’t remember the thing). Usually they are pretty formal in giving out the details of the event….This year not so much.

We know where it is taking place, as well as the date and time. Other than that, they’re being really hush hush about the whole situation. NOT COOL. I get where the planning committee is coming from, they want to wow everyone with a big surprise. Something different from previous years, and based on the location (Journey to Churchill exhibit in the gateway to the articc building) they really are doing something epic. The problem is, this really doesn’t help us plan for all the “what if’s” that come along with getting ready for a special event….especially when you’re fucked up and chronically ill like I am.

Over the last two weeks there have been a lot of rumors spread around the Man’s workplace (I swear those men are worse than a group of women) about what’s going on and that only seems to make the questions worse.  Is there a sit down meal or is it hors d’oeuvres and mingling (requiring wearing flats, talking to someone in charge about seating and planning to leave early)? What exactly is on the menu (should I snag an ensure in my clutch)? Are they going to have the outdoor gallery open for viewing (should I wear my parka and snow pants cause it’ll be fucking freezing!)?

The gist is we don’t want to sound like assholes by being pushy about answers and ‘ruining’ all the work they’ve put in to keep everything a surprise…but honestly I don’t really get it in the first place. Everyone would be plenty excited whether or not they knew what was on the menu or not and as far as I’ve come to notice, the rest of the ladies aren’t too keen on not knowing how to dress either.

In the end…we’ve prepared for everything. The kids are off at the MIL’s and the van is packed with a months worth of clothes and supplies (apart from food) so we have a wide variety to choose from. We originally were going to drive home afterwards since staying away is getting harder and harder but in the end we got strong armed into making a night of it…yay… another surprise… I guess we should be happy we’re that in demand!

Despite still not feeling much better or having a shred of relief, I’m trying to stay positive and look forward to the evening, even if it’s a short one.

There is one little surprise that while wasn’t great while driving home late last night is an amazing little addition to the excitement.


Mother Nature DID drop us some snow! Now it finally feels right to listen to some Carols, drink my coffee and  get into the Holiday spirit.  Let’s hope to day only brings good surprises…




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