It’s beginning to look a lot like….September.

Life seems to be running on sort of a loop recently. No not like the whole ‘circle of life’ type deal, just kind of a weekly melancholy we’ve fallen into. The same meals, the same homework, the same doctors appointments, the same day to day routines. Very little has changed from my health situation (worse than before and a whole lot of “we don’t know whats going on” from the doctors) to the weather outside.

There are a lot of places on this planet of ours that stay relatively the same temperature year round… HERE IS NOT ONE OF THEM! Under normal circumstances we not only get at least a few centimeters (couple inches) of lasting snow by now but our temperature also stays under the -0  until spring.

I mean take a look at 2013, already by November 10th we had had enough snowfall to collapse our gazebo and snow Mr. Mango in from a day at work (not that he minded) and two days where the windchill reached so cold, the school closed down! It was our first winter out of the city and definitely a harsh one…this year is the polar opposite (though not ‘really’ polar…cause the South pole is…ya know also super cold…).

We’ve had freakishly warm weather. Our September was on average cooler than November has been, with more rain, more frost AND…more chance of flurries. It’s kind of just been a few months of relatively nice fall weather. You’d think that would be awesome and sure in a lot of ways it is, but in others….it’s a whole lot of “what the fuck” and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

As we drove into the city yesterday to drop our spawn of at their grandparents, Mr. Mango was flipping through the radio stations and it landed on 99.1 FM which is I guess one of Winnipeg’s all Christmas all the time stations. It just so happens that the song starting to play was ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ and we turn our heads in unison from left to right staring at the brown fields still littered with migrating birds that have yet to leave and the thermostat at 17 degrees (63F). This just isn’t right.

We don’t listen to Christmas music here without snow. We don’t pick out our evergreen tree without having to first bundle up from head to toe. We don’t do our holiday shopping without having to navigate around giant piles of shoveled snow and shitty drivers (though this one I’m pretty sure we’d be most willing to give up). I love the holiday season and apart from the really Scrooge-ish folks  that pop up once in a while, its a pleasent break from the monotony of the rest of the year. I’m not looking forward to the fucking cold that comes along with it, but I just can’t get in the spirit while it looks and feels like THAT outside.

I really, really, really could use the distraction.

Mother Nature? If you could please bring on a light dusting of flurries by next Saturday’s Christmas party (of which the theme is the North pole…) I’d greatly appreciate it. Oh and if you could keep it at a balmy – 2 (28F) until after New Year’s and then return Summer, that would be great!


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