What just happened….Welcome?


A picture says a thousand words but sometimes it can be the same few words repeated over and over again. This picture does a good job reflecting how most of us Canadians spent last night/woke up this morning to see what is going on with our neighbor to the south. In one way or another each cast member of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has a real “What the fuck is going on?” face plastered on. We’ve kinda been looking through our ‘window’ like that for a while now….

Yesterday I truly had intended to keep a closer eye on the election going ons but my first true migraine since being on the Topamax hit early in the morning and it HIT HARD. I managed short bursts of computer screen to see CBC and CNN updates on the poles as well as any big news….and every time I flashed the screen on it was to slowly watch more and more grey states turn red (and a few blue).

Now you could ask why would a chronically ill Canadian chick in the midst of a massive migraine subject herself to the stresses of someone else’s election? Well first off, I care! I mean haven’t you heard all the stupid jokes about how overly caring and polite us Great White Northers are? It’s not all holding doors open and apologizing profusely, my friends. Caring that my friends and acquaintances in the USA have a decent quality of life, the possibility of better health care and even the ability to feel safer on their own streets, that’s part of it too.

The second could be perceived as a little more selfish. There’s usually pretty good relations between the American and Canadian governments. Obama and Trudeau have worked well together but before that even when there wasn’t such agreement, Canada’s legislation, laws and even smaller bill amendments seemed to follow behind what happens to our ‘big brother’. We like to play nice and give in so we’re not bullied. It isn’t a problem while Obama is in office….but it could be in the near future.

The third reason kind of circles back to the first. I wanted to keep track of if I’m going to be welcoming any new real neighbors in the near future. I’m a little surprised that there isn’t more rumors of a recount (really no one suspects Trump of any sort of shenanigans….REALLY?) but either way there still are a couple months before anyone has to start packing their bags and heading north. Trump doesn’t get sworn in until middle/late January.

Apparently a lot of Americans held true to their commitment to attempt to move if Trump was to become president. Over the course of last night/this morning our Canadian immigration sites were overloaded and downed apparently. This isn’t really surprising, we’re famous for welcoming in people fleeing from oppressive governments,we’re right next door and speak the same language (unless you head to Montreal) for the most part. Canada is a melting pot of peoples and cultures and while yes even we still have trouble all getting along from time to time and its FUCKING COLD half the year, for those feeling like they don’t belong in their own country anymore, I’m assuming it seems like the right alternative.

I’d be lying if I said I was excited to see a herd of ‘typical’ Americans heading this way (no offence but your stereotype isn’t as nice as ours….Trump kind of fits the typical what Canadians think of as an American….I know….its bad eh?) but the group of Americans I’ve learned to know and love are anything but ‘typical.’ I know a few fucking awesome Americans and I’m sure they’re not the only ones around.

To those of you staying and sticking through it. Good luck! I know it’s probably not going to be easy. To those of you still considering relocating up here. Welcome! You may have missed OUR Thanksgiving…. but I do have a frozen Turkey I could take out unfortunately this time of year pumpkin anything is out….it’s all about the maple syrup don’t ya know 😛


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