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Dear DST…

Dear Daylight Saving Time and/or the creators and keepers of it…. FUCK OFF


Sure, sure there’s a bunch of funny social media posts and all sorts of the regular jokes on the subject that float around twice a year. It just doesn’t cut it, the end of DST and the beginning of darkness by late afternoon is utter fucking nonsense.

Forget even the effect  it can have on those of us with an already fragile mental state (like depression, seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, etc) just in general it’s can mess people up more than ‘one simple hour’ seems like….and for longer than just one Sunday morning too!

I always find the Monday after the change the worst. Honestly that Sunday I’m too damn tired by 2pm to notice what shade the sky is and I’m begging for my head to hit the pillow no matter what. By Monday however, life is SUPPOSED to have moved back to normal and we’re supposed to ignore that even the kids are getting home from school at sunset.

Who exactly does this nonsense help? I mean sure the morning jogger might enjoy having a little more light for their jaunt around the block…but their still eating their garden greens for din din with artificial light… It’s just making a bad situation even worse.


Yup…That’s going to be me for a week. A mix of PMS, lack of solid food, adjusting to Mr. Mango being stuck on the late shift and fucking daylight saving time bullshit….


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