Pizza, Pumpkin and Pain, Pain, PAIN!

We have been fortunate enough the last few days to hit a warm patch of weather. Like… really warm for this time of year. So despite how horrid I’ve been feeling especially in my joints (which previously had actually been giving me a bit of a break) we’ve really tried to make the most of it.

The thing about arthritic swelling and joint pain in comparison to my usual nerve/vasculitis pain of late is it feels a lot better to keep moving than it does to let everything rest and ‘stiffen up’. In both cases, the good weather and the fact that keeping my bendables active, it was a good opportunity to follow through on some promises I have wracked up with the kids over the last weeks.

First up….Pizza night! Not only were we far behind on our Halloween movies (between the oven, a cold going around and just in general being busy….we haven’t spent a lot of time in front of the TV) but it’s been months since I’ve felt up for making such a labor intensive meal. My lack of being able to eat much of anything solid not only doesn’t give me much motivation to make something so delicious but I simply just don’t have the energy for it. A boat load of sunshine (safely sunscreened of course), Pediasure and Stevie Wonder blasting and even on an awful few lack-of-sleep nights I seemed to feel energetic and raring to go.

There was only so much my poor hands could handle before keep moving (to stave off pain) turned into GIVE ME A BREAK WOMAN. Dough rising, most of the ingredients prepped…it was time to head into the great outdoors. The kids had the day off school off Friday and it was the perfect opportunity to all enjoy a rare week day moment out and about together. Usually it’s just Little Dude and I, don’t get me wrong, he is great company but I think any stay at home Mom (or anyone else stuck at home on the same schedule) knows a little break from monotony is very welcome.


It was the perfect break, though I must say, even at 10 degrees Celsius my fingers and toes were unhappy. Raynaud’s phenomenon has been a major problem for me this fall and clearly it has progressed over this summer without me noticing much due to the fact that it’s symptoms become much more present with cold temperatures. Even snapping a couple pictures was enough to cause quite a bit of extra pain and an inability to grip my phone or the stroller. Thank goodness for thermal mittens and an almost 10 year old to handle the manual labor! This winter is going to be tough me thinks…

When we got back home the dough had finished and it was time to carry on, whether I was ready for it or not. Funny how life works that way. Thankfully Mr. Mango got home from work just in the nick of time to help me out before I grated more of myself into the giant pile of mozzarella cheese. Apparently making a joke about how he feels about cannibalism the second he walked in the door wasn’t appropriate…Who knew. No one should ever leave me alone and in charge of using a cheese grater….That IS something he knew!

With almost no more real trouble, or injuries we managed to finish up an amazing smorgasbord of Zaa. 5 sheets in total and some amazing combos.


I wasn’t feeling great after such a busy day and being in so much pain but it was worth it to see how happy the family was and boy did the food taste good. We watched Sleepy Hollow and the kids spent about as much time jumping from fear as they did enjoying the entertainment. It was a late night for them and the one thing I can be most happy for is that my damned innards didn’t really start acting up their worst until they were all in bed.

A night of pain, stomach problems and anxiety made for a drastic change of plans for today. Being able to function through physical pain to a certain extent is one thing, but eventually fatigue, internal problems and every other little thing add up on top of it and it just becomes yet another…no go. I still managed to do my ‘usual’ dishes in warm water. (it’s almost like therapy at this point), reading with the kids and I did get outside after a hefty dose of pain medication to pick the last of our carrot crop (November 5th in Manitoba!!!!!). I’ve just been down and honestly I’ve just seemed to head lower and lower.

Mr. Mango knew how much it killed me to have to take it easy on such a wonderful day and honestly just in general how craptastic I’ve felt both physically and mentally lately. He decided to do something to cheer me up. Now sure, I make a special meal or treat to cheer my loved ones up, I’m a homemaker. Mr. Mango has a different approach and he knows it works well for me.

Fire and explosives!



While I do think that what happened to good ol’ Jack at first is a good visual of what a migraine feels like I must say that it was a pretty amazing show and we all had a blast (haha). Definitely better than just letting the poor guy rot in a bin.

I can only hope that tomorrow some how I get a re-do of today. The weather is supposed to be even more gorgeous ( 16 degrees C) and we still have so much to do and mentally I could really use the time outside. If not we’re fucked, we don’t have a second pumpkin to brighten my mood….


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