So it’s not just me then…No! It’s so much worse…

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little bit, you’d know that recently I’ve come upon a little bit of trouble having some pretty basic procedures and tests completed under hospital care. Not only did it take forever to schedule my previous tests, scopes and biopsies but the experience when things finally got up and running was anything but smooth and some lasting mental and emotional scars were created in regard to trusting our medical staff and their patient care.

Up until a few days ago I was at the very least, kind of hopeful that I was a rare case. Either just an odd scenario of shit they’ve not seen before (or often) in a smaller hospital/area that created a tougher than usual job for them and a much more uncomfortable experience for me as a result. Either that or worst case my care was compromised because of judgement due to my age or appearance…I hate to say it, but it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened…there are a lot of judgmental assholes out there and they let their opinions get in the way of being decent human beings a lot of the time and doing their job properly, it’s just a fact.

After reading an article posted about another woman in a similar but even worse situation, I’m starting to worry it’s not just me, I’m not an oddball case…Getting a good doctor to look at those of us with not so standard innards seems to be a lost cause up here in Manitoba.

‘It’s been horrible’: Brandon woman in hospital waiting for surgery hasn’t eaten for a month

A woman in Brandon (a city about 3 hours away) was diagnosed in hospital late September with a rare condition involving a twisted ligament which is cutting off blood supply to a major artery in her abdomen. It’s extremely painful and on top of that nothing will pass through her digestive tract so she has been in hospital on intravenous fluids for over a month now waiting to find a surgeon to fix the problem (or as it seems, even do more than just look at her charts).

Her daughter is reaching out through social media and news outlets across Canada searching for a doctor that might be willing to complete her mothers surgery and treatment but it seems the doctors are taking weeks at a time to get back to them after reviewing the case. They’ve gotten a lot of social support, but in the end still no luck on the medical front.

She says “It’s just felt like a lot of rejection.” I can’t help but absolutely understand what she means by that. It feels like a hell of a lot of rejection when we wait weeks on end for results, scheduled treatments or hell, worst of all we wait for nothing other than being told we have to wait some more. If someone who is completely unable to eat and fuel themselves to live isn’t a priority there… Who the fuck is?

She mentions later in the article that this experience is a complete contrast to when she was receiving care and treatment for breast cancer. They did everything to catch it quick and treat it properly. It seems pretty universal around here that if its not cancer…. it’s not a priority and while I do completely understand that cancer is a fucking bitch, there are a lot of other bad things out there too that people are suffering from and they deserve just the same quality and speed of care as someone suffering from the big C.

This article really pissed me off, ground my gears, rubbed me the wrong way….what ever way you want to put it. I still haven’t heard back from Selkirk hospital about my own future gastro plans even after Dr. GP gave them a rather harsh phone call after my previous visit and our discussion on my current eating habits/necessities. It has me wondering if this is a Canada wide thing (and *Gasp* if the evil Trump monster is right about Canadian health care….ok no not that far) or if its just a problem in smaller Manitoba hospitals where specialist staff may be limited.

I do hope this story being brought to the public eye is going to shed some light on the subject though and maybe even bring other cases into question and get other patients to speak up when they have had similar problems. If we all sit back and assume it’s just us or that this is just the way it is, nothing is going to change and we’re all going to suffer for it. We do have to be our own advocates (we’re very lucky if we have one or two health care professionals on our sides too), sometimes we have to fight for a better standard of health care we deserve and worst of all sometimes even when we do fight we come to realize there are some real gaps in the health care system that need fixing before there’s any real chance of us getting fixed.


3 thoughts on “So it’s not just me then…No! It’s so much worse…

  1. I think this is a worldwide issue. Some people hit the jackpot with their doctors and medical treatment, yay! But mostly, anyone with anything more complicated ends up in a constant sort of healthcare limbo where they won’t let you die, but no one gives enough of a crap to make you WELL or give you any quality of life back. It really sucks. Hang in there, chick! Life will stop kicking you eventually… xx

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    1. I think in the end I just wish more medical staff showed emapthy along with their schedules and policies. If it was them or their family members/loved ones how would they appreciate the care given? Probably not much I’m assuming. It is tragic that it seems to be a problem everywhere and that finding a really good doctor is a rare thing. I hope it’s something that changes in the future!

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