Step Four: down the hatch and now we wait…

That’s right, the first dose of Pico-Salax (my GI doc’s bowel prep/oral purgative of choice) has been taken and now it’s time to wait for it to work its…erm…magic. My instructions were to take the first dose at 12 NOON and the second dose at 6 PM the day before procedure and drink AT LEAST ONE 8 oz glass of clear fluid an hour until bed time (or up until midnight) on top of the water that is mixed with the powder. After that I’m to drink absolutely nothing.

As far as taste goes… I’ve put worse in my mouth. It reminds me a lot of the gross sugary drink you’re forced to chug to check for gestational diabetes. Compared to what I’ve read about people having to drink liters upon liters of prep mix, only having to manage only 5 oz twice and my choice of clear liquids to make up the volume really doesn’t seem nearly as bad. As for how harsh it is on my bowels themselves, I have a hard time believing they can do any worse than my own body can be to itself during it’s worst times. I’m assuming that going low residue for a week and then liquids for 24 hours before even starting the prep will have made a difference. I can’t even imagine trying to flush out straight from a normal diet… only time will tell…how much time? It’s anyone’s guess, but I will let you know.

In general last night went much better than the night before with the laxatives. Other than being shaky, dizzy, tired and disoriented, I wish I could totally never eat solid food again… my whole digestive tract would thank me. Honestly, if you would have asked me a couple years ago if I would even consider it, I would have laughed in your face. I’m a foodie at heart, I love to cook, bake and eat, but now? For relief? Yea, giving up that last one doesn’t sound like too big a sacrifice. Then again, I’d rather just hope that what ever is wrong with me has a fix so I can go back to eating greasy burgers with a side of garden salad guilt and pain free….I know, I know, fat chance, but a girl can dream a dream.

I’m set up with my cell phone and candy crush (of a few varieties when I run out of lives), a few books, various cold beverages around the house and Les Miserables on surround sound for both my pleasure and…well, background noise for everyone else’s sake!

Step one: Eat all the red and purple candy…

Step Two: White Fluffy Goodness

Step Three: laxatives and getting ready for liquids…

You’re on Step Four!

Step Five: the final step, get my butt to the hospital!


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