Now to prepare for the other white fluffy stuff…

This time of year it’s like you blink and Autumn is gone and BAM it’s Winter. The last couple days have been dreary, windy and rainy. The kind of days where the cold just eats through your bones, even if you’re inside, curled up in a housecoat and blanket, with a cup of hot tea….and we haven’t even hit frost yet.

Earlier this week pictures of snow covered parking lots and streets in other areas of the country hit social media. Starting in the northern parts of B.C. and Alberta (so really… it doesn’t count, it’s like the Yukon or NWT, snow can be there year round depending on altitude and freak weather, it’s so far north that it’s considered normal). Then in parts of Saskatchewan, and in northern Manitoba. Yesterday Mr. Mango sent me a text at work “Queeeek save the tomatoes!”

While it may not be anywhere near what people have been going through dealing with tropical storms and the savage beast that is hurricane Matthew, the onset of winter weather up here does require quite a bit of attention if you don’t want to risk any extra trouble. It’s more than just bringing in the last of the vegetation and dusting off the floorboard heaters. Wind-proofing the crawlspace, ¬†insulating the well, covering the septic opening, protecting the pipes (trust me….no one wants to fix a leaky pipe in -30 in the middle of January… take my word on it) and clearing out space for the van in the garage (something you’d think is a no brainer year round right?) are some of the things that have to be done ASAP. All of which I can’t do a damn thing about…

I’ve actually been pretty fortunate that over the last 24 hours my lupus has decided to cut me a break and not only do my joints not feel as horrible, my vasculitis and nerve pain has chilled the fuck out (especially considering the only pain medication I’m on is Tylonal and the occasional small dose of codine…. a long over due post about obstructions and shit…or ‘of’ not ‘and’…). On the unfortunate side of things, I think my bowels know something is up and they are making a huge stir. Who needs a bowel prep when no food will stay in me for longer than 10 minutes anyways… Not only does it have me in a foul mood, but I’m even more lethargic and low energy than usual, and anything that takes me further than 20 feet from the bathroom is not a good idea (and I’m just not ready to try out the extra absorbent Depends quite yet).

I have currently stopped eating the yummy Honey Butter Rolls and am now attempting to keep down and/or in arrowroot cookies, gingerale and left over mashed potatoes. It’s not working so well for me and I kind of just give up. I had gotten used to not having an appetite and having to remind myself to eat or find something that will sit well but I still enjoyed eating generally once I found something good. This is a whole new chapter of awful. Can’t keep busy around the house and can’t keep occupied eating…though I just got offered the most wonderful playdough cupcake ‘just for mommy’ so at least there’s fake food at my disposal. Even the Little Dude knows I can’t handle the real stuff.

While I sit here with a heating pad on my innards, hoping that these next few days fly by while reruns of Nashville play in succession on Netflix I should be expecting to see the little white fluffers fall from the sky any minute now. The Mango Man himself says that they’re already flying around in the city so it’ll be no time at all till they’re scattering around here.

Maybe it’s time to switch to Les Miserables instead….


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