A change in plans and precipitation

So I lied earlier when I said I wouldn’t be going further than 20 feet from the bathroom… Mr. Mango reminded me that my long awaited package from Amazon might finally be here and Little Dude was almost forcing me out the door after already a few days cooped up inside due to the weather and my uncooperative body parts.

I put on my big girl pants, my hat (to protect my glasses…they don’t come with wipers) and geared up for the trip.


The snow that was promised hasn’t made an appearance yet but we sure did get poured on multiple times. I would have taken a picture of tiny tot there sitting in his perch on the stroller holding Princesses bright pink princess umbrella with a smile ear to ear, singing away at the top of his lungs (something he hasn’t done for a few days….he even told me he wouldn’t sing for me until I took him for a walk….a 3 year old blackmail professional, I tell you).

Honestly yea, it sucked. I felt like shit. I hurt. My stomach turned and truthfully had me worried a few times. I even cried a couple times along the way. Funny thing is, if it’s already raining, it’s not like anyone is going to be able to tell. Teardrops fall no different than rain and somehow in this dark, dreary, funk I’m stuck in, that seemed a comforting thought. In the end I always feel better after a good cry, and fresh air, so apart from the physically shitty part it was already mentally worth the pain.

As a tiny bit of good luck would have it though, my package had arrived as well as something from Mr. Mango’s big brother… I’m intrigued, but honestly not enough to think it’s anything other than Schrodinger’s cat and in that case I’m just leaving it be after hefting it into the house (if it is a cat….its clearly one that isn’t having trouble eating). I was excited about my package, or am, because hopefully it’s another avenue for pain relief and comfort that I don’t have to put through my gut and since it’s FDA approved and I have my doctor on my side, our insurance is able to cover it as well.

It’s the HealthmateForever PRO12AB TENS/EMS unit. After a couple months quietly researching different machines, reviews (specifically for both deep tissue pain as well as nerve pain) and talking prices and insurance coverage, I finally picked a product and ordered. I’m a little skeptical on it being as miraculous as some of the reviewers are claiming, but hey, one can hope.


My big girl pants (aka ones without an elastic waist line or cartoons on them) are hung up to dry next to the corner baseboard heat while I am back curled around my hot pack, ready to start reading through the manuals so I can start using the damn TENS machine (I should probably considering getting to the charging part ASAP if I plan on using it today…) and Little Dude has promised he will serenade me later on this evening too.


I’m not advocating that pushing through pain in order to get something good is the right thing to do, but I am saying that sometimes trading a little pain in order to get a little pleasure out of life might be worth it. Especially for those of us who are stuck handling the pain day in, day out…. most of the time anyways. At least I can say that our little excursion out in the pouring rain today didn’t make me any worse than I was before we left. I think it was a worthwhile trade in that case.


I even found some natural, fake sunlight on our way home. It may not brighten the whole sky, but it’s something…



3 thoughts on “A change in plans and precipitation

  1. 😦 … pain sucks … I watch my partner and his back issues and cringe … i so want him to be alright, and most of the time he is .. when he’s taking morphine!! and then the rest of the time he fakes it well, until he crashes … he has no ‘limit movement’ filter 😉 But he used one of those TENS things for awhile … it helped, definitely! I hope it works for you! … And the rain … well, that is all sorts of goodness I reckon! Especially for walking and crying! xo

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