Step Two: White Fluffy Goodness

Now that we’re less than a week until procedure day I’ve said goodbye to even the little bits of unprocessed food I had left in my diet and any whole grain foods I was still able to eat without trouble (usually our breads are 50% whole grain whether wheat or not). I’ve been having so much trouble with anything that already wasn’t pretty much in baby food form but still it wasn’t mentally quite as easy as I thought… especially when packing up garden fresh carrots for the kiddies lunches yesterday evening (normally I would have snagged one of the smallest ones and popped that sucker in my mouth and enjoyed…and chewed and chewed and chewed and hoped to Goddess it didn’t cause any trouble).

What I’ve really noticed about my own eating habits, even when given the opportunity to pretty much eat everything on the ‘naughty list’ that I sort of tailor created during the last few of my healthy years I still like a lot of the things on the ‘nice list’ better or at least along with. I love stir-fry, heck I enjoy them with baked spaghetti squash instead of rice or noodles (just because, or for the low carb, I just plain love me some vegetables). I had crackers for the first time in AGES yesterday, usually I’d go straight for a handful of trail mix full of peanuts and cashews (something my gut was not very happy about…so also something I haven’t had in a long ass while). I grew up with dense whole grain artisan style breads from my grandmothers, that practically chipped a tooth, screw all the other kids that had that Wonder bread nonsense that practically floated away with the wind. In the end it really wasn’t that hard to convert to generally healthy whole food eating, apart from portion control, extra fats (CHEESE) and the price tag.

I must say even without much of an appetite, I’ve missed it more and more. The blands-ville of creamed soups, over cooked vegetables and peel-less potatoes makes me feel more like I should be going on 100 with my dentures on the fritz (no seriously if I make it that long, corn on the cob is still happening some how, some way). After going through my diet with the G doctor’s staff I was specifically told to tone it way down, as in pretty much lock up the spice rack apart from the salt shaker. The last last thing the doc needs to find all up in there is flecks of cinnamon or basil (I’ll let you take a stab at which one gets put in the coffee and which one on the pasta). I do get it, but I’m already down and out enough with the sniffles, the pain, the gut wrenching… gut wrenchy-ness and the bad weather….cream of wheat and mashed potatoes for a week certainly isn’t going to help.

Well I gotta say I might be a little bit of a convert for the white and fluffy. Yesterday after a horrible time getting caught in the rain I decided to wing it and attempt a dinner roll dough. Normally I’m not one to create a baking recipe on the fly, I like to hone them through many attempts, slowly figuring out the perfect formula. Nope, not this time. A mish-mosh of my pretzel dough, whole wheat buns and a couple google search results and off I went with something completely new. I needed some help with the kneading because my hands have decided to be useless this week but apart from that everything went perfect.

I may not take back what I said all those years about Wonder bread, but these buns were amazing. They might slightly make me wish I didn’t intend to go back to gluten free after this is all said and done. Light and fluffy, these suckers rose 8x their original size. The outside crust was perfect and browned and the honey butter that glazed them straight out of the oven gave them just the perfect extra sweetness. While this batch will be gobbled up in no time by the family (I already hid a couple just in case) I do intend to make them again to last until its liquids only time and then again after I’ve recovered, with pictures, so I can document this marvelous recipe. They’re too tasty not to share it!

I may not feel up for having one with my morning coffee right now, but I’m sure looking forward to having one…or maybe even two for lunch. Maybe this step two part doesn’t have to be so bad.


Step one: Eat all the red and purple candy…

You are on Step Two!

Step Three: laxatives and getting ready for liquids…

Step Four: down the hatch and now we wait…

Step Five: the final step, get my butt to the hospital!


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