More weekend shenanigans…what else is new?

It would be nice if life and bad luck in general could just take a break from ripping us a proverbial ‘new one.’ With my health, the woes that come with the new phase of preschooler that Little Dude has hit and the shit we’re dealing with from my mother we already feel full up on stress and like we’re struggling to get mentally ahead. This weekend proved not only that we can handle a lot more stupid shit than we thought, but also that at some point the well of positivity does in deed run dry.

Like my previous post mentions, the weekend was off to an…. interesting start getting the good news from my mother that she does not have ass cancer as Howard from Big Bang would put it. Her digestive tract may be in the clear, but mine is in chaos. Putting anything but water down the hatch is asking for all sorts of pain and displeasure, but just sipping H2o all day isn’t exactly going to cut it until C-day. I’m dizzy, fainty and feel like death even on a nutrient dense diet.

The plan was actually pretty simple, drop Princess off at a birthday party Saturday morning, run a couple errands (Mr. Mango doing the running part, me sitting in the car with my hot pack and water cup complaining about the big city) and then swing by an athletic supply store to look at their overpriced TENS machines now that we’ve worked out with our insurance company that we’re covered for a purchase. Pick the little girly up, rush grocery shopping and head back home and stay there for the remainder of the weekend and rest.

Within 20 minute s of leaving our house….we get pulled over by the cops. Mr. Mango get’s himself a hefty $350 dollar speeding ticket. Great…. we find out one pricey thing in life is covered of course something else has to go and take its place. I’ve warned the asshole many a time not using cruise control on the highway was going to get him in trouble. You’d think I’d be happy to have witnessed it, but no not really…. I was just pissed I wasn’t being a better backseat (or passenger seat) driver.

The errands and running around went as well as can be expected, though I’m pretty sure I’ll just be hitting up Amazon for a TENS/EMS machine, covered or not I’m still a stickler for a deal and bad customer service (especially after the morning I’d had) is more than enough of an excuse to buy a product elsewhere. Attempt to eat #1 didn’t go to well, half a cookie and a whole 30 seconds of feeling fine…then not so much. Oh well. At this point I was under the assumption we’d be home in less than 2 hours in my safe zone able to veg and safely risk attempting nutrition again. I was wrong

We go to pick Princess up at the movie theater were the birthday party was being held and end up spending FOUR HOURS there. Why would a family of 5 spend that long at a movie theater? It wasn’t watching a movie, it wasn’t at the arcade and it wasn’t looking for Princess’ sweater she lost (no we never found it). Mr. Mango became a spur of the moment last minute entry in WorldGaming’s Guitar Hero Live Championship. Yea…it’s a real thing… I shit you not. So there I was cheering him on for hours while wrangling the kids while trying to hold myself together. Considering everything they were pretty great. Little Dude needed some laps around the room and I had some jealous moments when buying them that amazing cinema popcorn I couldn’t have any of (you’d think my body would be nice enough to remove my sense of smell and interest in yummy food altogether if I cant enjoy eating it).

We finally hit the Grocery store near 7pm. We were supposed to be home, preparing the house for a storm and the kids quietly playing before bed! Instead everyone is hungry and cranky and groaning through isle after isle of disorganized crap. We somehow manage to find almost everything we need, including a new coffeemaker, instant just wasn’t going to cut it Sunday morning like the rest of the week had since the last one got toasted by our uber hard water. It was time to head to the car, grab some food and book it (the fucking speed limit of course) home.

Naturally the second we walk out of the store it starts pouring… Too late to prepare for the storm.

In an effort to cheer up a now sore, tired, cranky and soaking wet Ms. Mango, the Mr suggests dropping by a burger joint. We both know it doesn’t matter what I try to shove down my trap, it’s gonna cause issue, might as well make it something that for the few brief seconds it’s in my gob I enjoy it.  While that did mean I was the one having to run in to order and I DID at first regret letting the staff know I have high burger standards (so half expecting a spit sandwich). I did end up having a good laugh and a really great tasting burger.


In reality I should have waited to eat until we got home, nothing is worse than being stuck in a giant moving metal box while handling  what feels like hot pokers being driven through all parts of your midsection and wriggled around while simultaneously needing to spew out of both ends. Sadly no amount of gorgeous tasting meaty goodness is worth that. its for sure 40 minutes of you’re fucked, no restrooms, no rest stops and well this past time it was pouring rain so really even the side of the highway isn’t an option. How we made it home, I don’t really know.

My recovery from the trip and just the day in general took well into the next morning. Mr. Mango made sure the house and yard was as safe as could be from the weather. The winds were only getting worse. Our property is pretty hard to damage now that 2/3 of the trees are gone and harvest time has kind of came and went. The tomatoes topple over and… oh well, green tomatoes can be turned into salsa just as easy. There was one thing we just didn’t anticipate and just another stupid thing to add to the list.


It took us 3 months of arguing over that set to finally agree on it! We are not sure if the wind blew the umbrella hard enough to crack it or if a stone or branch blew and landed on it but in one sudden blow it smashed to bits. Looks like we’re not free of errand running this fall yet…. At least patio shit should be on clearance….

Yet again another Monday has come and I can’t be more thankful. I managed a protein shake AND a big fat fillet of rainbow trout yesterday night so my energy is a tinsy bit up (that plus REAL coffee this morning). I have the good doc to see this afternoon about…. you guessed it more med changes and to check in on my gut….fingers crossed he still lets me stay home and self manage….. cause I’m great at that right?

This weekend may have been another accidentally hectic one (and expensive…) but there is one unexpected positive. Corny as it may be, I’m the proud spouse of the winner of the gold guitar. Yea that’s right. Mr. Mango took home the big 1st prize (really…it was the gold guitar).


While I think he  didn’t always imagine his guitar skills would be utilized for a video game, he had a blast and the kids were super excited. Not to mention it kind of brightened up a pretty dreary weekend.


2 thoughts on “More weekend shenanigans…what else is new?

  1. Hot damn, dude. What a mess! When it rains…well, you know. That’s awesome he won! I suck at Guitar Hero, but I can beat the shit out of some fake drums in Rock Band. Speaking of, I should probably try to find them so I don’t do the same thing to people. Or not. 🙂

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    1. It is awesome stress relief when feeling up for it. I’ve always been a fan of rock band for its music variety and the ability to have the whole band together (karaoke’s my thang) but I guess they’re not releasing any new ones. Too bad, I think we could all use a little musical excuse to bash something.

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