SAVE THE DAY (I can’t I’m Canadian…)

Ok, so this is totally off topic and unlike anything else I have or probably ever will share on my blog, but it was too good and honestly too necessary to pass up.

I could probably spend hours writing about how much I love Joss Whedon’s work. You can blame him for a lot of where I get the less raunchy side of my sense of humor (thank Kevin Smith for that other part). Maybe I got some of my political sense from years of watching his shit too. No idea. I have no interest in getting into a debate about votes, sides or parties (again, it wouldn’t matter, I’m from the great white north, my opinion really doesn’t matter here), I just have to say that this video had me giggling with glee at the star studded group of talent all together in one spot all saying the same thing.

In the end, just like when our election happened up here I only have one real recommendation. Register and then go cast your vote.

Oh  and really….if you Americans can help with that Mark situation they mention at the end, a Canadian gal would really appreciate it….


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