One man and two big babies

I guess Karma is giving Mr. Mango what’s coming to him after how many ‘man colds/flus’ he’s put me through over the years. There have been quite a few doozies.

By that I don’t mean anything to do with the more recent increase in doctors visits, tests or new pharmaceutical side effects (though he’s admitted Topamax scares even him). We’ve had lengthy talks over the past couple years about how my failing health may suck but that it doesn’t effect his abounding love for little old moi. I’m also still decently self reliant as often as possible when it comes to as much as possible day to day. Sarcasm and dark and twisty humor replace full on negativity and anger most of the time and even when I need to rely on his help I do damn well try to be nice about it.

Thing are a little different when I’m down and out with a nasty (normal) virus, you know what I’m mean? There’s just something about it. Maybe the fact that it’s temporary or that it brings back nostalgic memories of being taken care of as a kid (this is why I think the MAN variety hits them so hard) where we get to curl up and watch Disney movies and get brought chicken and stars soup. We experience all sorts of un-human like chills and aches and an unnatural need to become a whiny baby right along with it.

I don’t think it changes much over the years how it hits you. Right now Little Dude and I are both are in the first couple days of head cold-ness. We’re stuffed up, sore, cold and cranky. At least he doesn’t have to pretend to adult. Together we make one fine pair….

and Mr. Mango has to deal with us.

For me personally the head cold part is the worst. It makes all the nerves in my neck and face extra twitchy and sensitive (obviously) and since I already am having so many migraine issues and tension headaches to begin with, my head might as well explode from the pressure. It’s a good thing LD is a quite temper tantrumer when he’s not feeling well and his solution to almost anything is kisses and cuddles. I have to say curling up close with a 3 foot tall cute little ball of fire does certainly make me feel a tad better too.

Next up will be the gross drainage and raw throat and nose stage and then the part where it all ends up in the chest. While these will pass for Littles in a couple days, I’ll probably be stuck through them for a good couple weeks thanks to a messed up immune system and the inability to take a lot of the medications available to help. Fingers crossed nothing turns into an infection (lets be thankful the round of useless steroids is over already). There’s a long road of phlemy, drippy, cranky, grossness ahead….



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